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Would you mind giving some feedback on my voice?

Asked by Mitchboy1995 (35points) August 14th, 2018
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I ve been practicing guitar for a few months and I m a bit scared about the singing part. It’s all just a hobby for me but can I get some opinions on my voice? Be honest please! I don’t know anything about singing and my main focus is just playing the guitar but it would be nice to get some feedback.

Probably should have picked a better song to sing but you will get the idea.

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I like your voice. I think you did very well and it was without music.

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There was NO guitar…just you singing!!!

Your voice isn’t unpleasant; but, you held back a little too much except at the end where your voice cracked. With a little practice & maybe a voice coach, you have potential!!! You’re not ready for a singing competition just yet; but, with work, who knows how far you can go!!!

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You were off key on a few notes. I’m not a fan of the vocal fry inflection, but that’s style.
I think you have potential. If you’re serious about this I’d get a vocal lesson or two.

I’d be interested in hearing another clip with you playing guitar, as playing music in a key can ground you in that key. Singing a capella is quite difficult.

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(By the way, I respect someone who asks for critisim. I am a particular type of artist and I ask my friends in this field for the exact same criticism. Don’t tell me what is right, but tell me what is wrong).

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Appreciate you taking the time to comment and listen. To be honest singing was never really something I had a big interest in. It was mostly learning to play music(which im in the middle of that process) but never really singing. I just know that it would help me down the road even with playing and as you mentioned keeping things in key. As for singing and playing the guiter thats a work in progress as I struggle just to play still. I just know that I’m getting good enough that I think singing a little would help tie it all together.

I appreciate the good with the bad critisim. I dont know much about singing and the feedback is helpful to find out how I sound best or what I should stay away from.

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I agree with the above comments. I think you have a nice voice but you maybe held back a bit. As my music teacher always said, don’t sing from your nose, sing from your core. I’d also love to hear you sing with guitar.

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TBH, it sounded a bit flat in places but I think you have potential. Maybe some voice lessons if you really want to pursue this?

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You aren’t ready for the stage. You have a voice which is coachable. If you want this, go for it; you have the raw materials to make it happen.

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Lol thanks y’all. I’m not planning on any stages. Mostly just for fun and a hobby. Just a bit shy about the singing part and wanted to see where I stand or if it was totally tragic haha. Not trying to make any ears bleed! Maybe I’ll try another song and update the post to show another style of singing. Really appreciate the feedback though! :)

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You are NOT tragic by any means…On the other side, you’re no Elvis either!!! So, DON’T give up & keep on practicing

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