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Are you disappointed that Trump's military parade is being postponed to 2019?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31975points) August 16th, 2018
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If ever.


Something to do with it costing $80 million more than the original estimated cost.

What a waste.

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When tanks are rolling down Pennsylvania Ave., people are going to want to use them to remove this president.

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Yes, it should be postponed indefinitely. No one wants it.

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What a waste of money! Here in Idaho, there is a huge, badly needed road project that we could really use and the money spent on the parade would probably build the whole road! In the very least, the money could be spent on so many other badly needed highway projects…

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Has anyone other than President Shiathole spoken in favor of the idea? I think the military is at best annoyed.

Hannity and Fox & Friends will swoon if it happens, but I don’t think even they have been enthusiastic.

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NOT disappointed at all!!! I felt it was a waste of money from the get go. He only wanted to show NK’s Kim Jong-Un that his parade was bigger & better than Kim’s…It was to be all pomp & circumstance!!!

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Never knew he was going to hold one. Is it going to be like the May Day parade in the old Soviet Union?

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Hell no! When I first heard about this parade I was hoping it was some sort of “fake news.”

If we have millions of dollars laying around in tax dollars (of course we don’t) then give it back to the people or the military families.

Our military participates in parades for many holidays and events, and I love seeing them, I love seeing their marching bands and concerts, but a flipping military parade for a show of force in our nation’s capital? I’m disgusted by it.

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The parade, which is supposed to show our strength, actually shows our weakness against terrorism. Those missiles are not doing much for the endless war in Afghanistan or the war in Syria, which we are about to lose.

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LostinParadise so it is going to be like the May Day parade in the old Soviet Union. Like the Soviets in their time bogged down in Afghanistan.

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Nice connection. A few weeks ago, there reports about meetings between the U.S. and the Taliban. As was pointed out, the Afghan government was conspicuously absent. Hard to imagine what they were expecting to achieve.

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The Rep/cons got their tits all in a wringer when Obama spent a dime on anything, and this orange hair freak can spend like there is no end and all is well.
I guess it’s fine as long as it’s the people at the top that this money is spent on, oh wait is that one of those emails over there?

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The idea was utterly disgusting in the first place.

Wait…butter emails….

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I’m disappointed. I was hoping it would be postponed indefinitely. 2019 is right around the corner.

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And he is taking the credit for having postponed it due to the expense!!! God, what a wiener.

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I’m disappointed.

I’m holding out a little hope for a Sadat-type military parade.

Not really
But kind of

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Once again he is patting himself on the back for reversing a STOOPID idea!


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Disappointed? What’s that?

I’d be disappointed if they don’t use the money intended for that parade to actually help veterans who really deserve it.

The US military is not a toy to play with and put on display for the sake of one weekend golfer’s vanity.

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Maybe he’s stupid like a fox. He says these things, and some people in the country love it. Build a wall, lock her up, military parade. It doesn’t matter if it never happens. Maybe he knows it will never happen.

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