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Do the Republicans have a reason to be worried?

Asked by LadyMarissa (11145points) September 14th, 2018
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According to this link the Republican party has more or less told Trump to shut his pie hole about the Reps being unable to lose. People who haven’t gone to vote for decades are all up in arms about voting in the upcoming election. Have you been inspired to vote in November???

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I will be voting. I don’t usually vote in off-year elections, but this time it is really important. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Democrats won in a landslide because the Republicans figured they could stay home due to the overwhelming victory margin that Trump is talking about?

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The best thing that Trump can do for the Republican party is to resign now, six weeks before the elections
He won’t, of course, but if he did, it would take a HUGE campaign issue off the democratic plate, and the republicans could very well hang onto Congress.

But that would mean that Trump would have to climb down off his ego, and that will never happen.

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Not inspired, I always vote.

But I would remind everyone that the polls showed Clinton winning the last election so I should not put much faith in pollsters.

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Same as @rojo, exactly.

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I don’t usually vote in the mid term elections, but I am this time. My son said he’s voting too. If he does, it will be the first time he has ever voted, which it disappointing to me. He got registered because of Bernie and when Bernie lost the nomination my son threw in the towel. But he’s voting.

I sure HOPE the republicans are worried. Yesterday, on the way to another town, I saw a huge red billboard that said, “VOTE REPUBLICAN!” I’ve never seen that before.

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Red wave? Why do they always steal our slogans.

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I’m wondering how much doubt will cloud the outcome, no matter who wins. If we have collectively lost faith in our electoral system, the only winner will be Vladimir Putin.

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No matter your position or preference, if Trump in the flesh is not incentive enough to drive people to the polls, we don’t deserve to have elections.

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@stanleybmanly He’s coming to town next week, Tuesday I believe. Should be an interesting turnout. Red state, liberal city with many colleges.

@Dutchess_III It’s just in response to the Blue Wave, more tit for tat.

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He (Trump) has said he is coming to Texas to stump for “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz I believe he called him and that he is going to get the biggest stadium in the state for the rally. That would be my town and the majority would welcome him here. Unfortunately.
Hard to believe he could insult the man, demean his wife and accuse his father of conspiracy and still be welcomed by Cruz.
Remember this same Ted Cruz said that Trump was worse than Hillary, was a sniveling coward and a pathological liar. And now he wants his backing. Cruz is running scared and needs Trumps blessing in this state. Perhaps it is Cruz who is the sniveling coward, we already know he is evidently a brown nosing blowhard.
Of course Trump is no better for agreeing to do it but it does mean he now has Cruz’s nutsack in hand and can lead him anywhere..

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@KNOWITALL He’s coming to Austin?

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I hear Cruz has a real fight on his hands this time around, and like it or not he and Trump are joined at the hip. To a greater extent than any midterm in my lifetime, this election is about the sitting President, for if the Democrats capture the House or Senate, the hell that will engulf him is beyond description.

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@rojo Said he’s coming to Texas. @KNOWITALL said he’s coming to her state which not Texas.

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@KNOWITALL I know but do they not have the brains to think up their own slogans?!

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LOL, no one ever asks me for slogans sister!

He’s coming to Missouri next week. I hear baby Trump may appear.

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I always vote. People who don’t vote shouldn’t flap their mouths about politics IMHO.

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I will be a new Wisconsin resident starting tomorrow. Tony Evers will be getting my vote. Scott Walker can take a hike!

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Everyone has a reason to be worried.

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I agree!!! I make it a point to vote in EVERY Presidential election because I believe in my right to bitch after the fact!!! I admit that I’ve been lax on voting in the midterms because the mt’s gives me less of a reason to bitch. This midterm I’m going t be FIRST in line; & once I cast my votes, I’ve offered FREE rides to those who are having transportation problems!!!


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One of their largest contributors dropped out of the party today!!!

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These mid terms are going to be very interesting, very interesting indeed.

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