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Would you like to have two queen beds instead of a king?

Asked by JLeslie (62397points) October 4th, 2018
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This is for you people who live with your SO.

I think most couples in America have a king bed in their master bedroom. Sometimes my husband and I toy with the idea of two queens. The room I have now I don’t think they would fit, but that’s beside the point.

What would be the positive and negatives for you?

For those of you who live outside of America and possibly use different terminology, a King is 80”x 80” (2.03 meters x 2.03 meters) A Queen is 60” x 80” (1.52 meters x 2.03). I hope I have that right.

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I would rather have a king. I enjoy sleeping with my partner, even the occasional touch in the middle of the night.

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I’ll keep our king but splurge on separate comforters and sheets.

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There are two kinds of king beds, one is wider (76×80) and the other is longer (72×84)so it depends on the size of the people involved. Tall people would like the longer, called California King, while we refer the wider, Eastern King. It is sufficient for our needs. The real issue is covers, Hubby goes to bed before I do and rolls up in the blankets like a burrito, so I have my own blankets. We have a giant bedspread which covers both.

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It would have to be 2 queens. I sleep on a queen and take up the whole thing. Length is what I bought the queen for, otherwise my feet hang over the end of a standard double.

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We’re still happy with a single queen bed. But isn’t it peculiar how far above the floor modern mattresses now elevate a bed? We no longer are required to bend or stoop to make the bed, but while making the bed up, I often speculate on the consequences of falling out of bed (as the wife would do habitually some 30 years ago) from such an altitude.

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@stanleybmanly I hate the bed way up in the air, our is very low, it’s a platform bed.

My inlaws about 10 years ago bought a new bedroom set and the bed was very high, and they are 5’1” and 5’5” tall. I was so upset about it. I was mad at their son (not my husband) for having been with them and letting them buy such a thing, and the sales people. My inlaws kept talking about buying a step to be able to get in and out of bed. They were 70 years old at the time. I asked my MIL 5 times to let me see if we could change out the box spring for the shorter box spring, but she thought it wouldn’t look ok with the frame of the bed.

I was ready to go to the store and call the salesperson incompetent for not suggesting the shorter box spring if the store wouldn’t exchange it easily, I also was ready to pay for one myself if the store was obstinate. She wouldn’t do it. About 5 years later she told me she wished she had listened to me.

I take care of rental properties sometimes, and more than once older people or people from outside of the country comment on beds being so or too high if the furniture was bought in the last 10 years.

@zenvelo That’s the thing, the little touch in the middle of the night. In theory I know my husband would probably sleep better in his own bed, he is such a light sleeper and he’s the type who doesn’t go back to sleep easily, but I don’t really want to be in separate beds.

@kritiper Me too, the length of the bed matters. It’s also why I don’t like beds like a sleigh bed that traps your feet, even though my feet don’t hang off of my bed. The Europeans use two long twins. My parents had that when I was a child, but the beds were pushed together. My grandparents had them separated.

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No need. Both King and Queen are too short anyway. I have a queen and sleep slightly on the diagonal. GF is like a straw, and takes up no room so width is not a problem.
Anyway, seems like a lot of unnecessary laundry.

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Nope. I enjoy sleeping together like spoons – in either direction. It is warm and intimate.

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I have heard of people using two twin beds in a king frame. You’re together but the springs are completely separated.

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