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Friend asked question, "With your bank account, where can you go for vacation??'?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29773points) October 10th, 2018
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Checking for vacation plans.

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I’m limited to a staycation.

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To work.

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Anywhere I want if I’m willing to part with the money. I’m not willing to spend many thousands on a vacation, I never have been.

I can’t go anywhere right now, because of work and health chaos. We might go overnight to Orlando this weekend. Free hotel, it’s about $12 turnpike fees round trip, figure $100 for food and entertainment.

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Staycation as well. Luckily there’s plenty to do here in Madison, WI.

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Well, i’m shit scared of flying crashing so destinations are either limited or extremely lengthy.
But yeah, the world is my oyster…kinda.

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Wherever my dreams take me, because that’s all I can afford right now.

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That is an interesting question. I could go a great deal of places if I had the time and inclination. I am too involved in my work and volunteering. When I retire, I will have time to travel, so it’s all set aside to when I can spend some decent time on places I want to visit. It isn’t money. It’s time.

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This summer I took a cruise to Alaska, and had two separate vacations to Disneyland, one of them ending with a couple days in Vegas.
With my bank account right now, I can barely go to the bathroom.

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Probably anywhere. But the expense! The anxiety! What if something happens later and I no longer have the money?
Better to stay home in good old Balconia.

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Anywhere really. Dual income, no kids. Wifey and I are currently saving for a long trip to Tanzania, but we’ll be going to a week long Disneyworld vacation before that. I realize I’m in a unique situation, but I’ve waited a long time to be financially stable and I know it can all go to shit in an instant, so I want to take advantage while I can.

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Most of our discretionary funds go to helping family members meet their expenses, and the rest go into various investments for retirement.
We aren’t planning on going anywhere during my husband’s vacation.

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