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Would you accept the conclusions of the Mueller investigation?

Asked by seawulf575 (13879points) October 21st, 2018
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Mueller is due to release his final findings on the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. If his findings have no indications that Trump was involved, will you accept it?

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I will have no choice since I must believe innocence before proof of guilt.

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It’s an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, which may have happened whether Trump’s campaign was involved or not. Putting the emphasis on collusion is misleading because lack of proof of collusion would not mean the Russians are innocent.

I would accept Mueller’s findings. What I might doubt is someone else’s report on them and/or someone else’s interpretation of them. I don’t trust this administration to give a fair account of anything that’s not in its interests.

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Of course I would. I would be surprised if he had nothing to do with it, though.

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I trust Mueller, he is a principled man of the type the Trump administration would like to remove from office and I will accept his findings. Whatever Mueller finds or concludes will not affect my abhorrence of Trump and his regime.

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I did a Web search about the release and all I can find are rumors. Seems like wishful thinking by those on the right. It is too early to terminate the probe. I would be very suspicious if it ends soon.

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You’re messing stuff up with your logic @LostInParadise. You’re going to offend someone so stop it!

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trump was already involved. It’s on video when he asked the Russians to do something against an American political candidate.

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Yes. Although I believed this whole thing to be overblown from the beginning, I’ll accept the conclusions.

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@mazingerz88, that’s true, but making a stupid statement in public (a Trump specialty) isn’t the same as authorizing and encouraging a deliberate effort to collaborate with a foreign power in subverting the American democratic process.

Notice also that Trump’s refrain is “no collusion,” not “no Russian tampering.” This misdirection too is characteristically Trumplike.

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not interested

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I would. I’m hoping that Trump takes the far greater punishment for his tax evasion in his father’s state. A crime which he will not have any power to pardon himself for. I would LOVE to see Trump in prison.

I’m honestly SO much more upset with Trump’s supporters. They are the true problem in all of this. They have continued to expose themselves as some of the most greedy, selfish, cowardly, morally deficient, bigots on the planet.

Will Trumpers accept it, when they lose their social security?...

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That any Russians tampered, or attempted to tamper with any number of elections would not surprise me in the least. A panel of kids 13 years and thereabouts successfully proved that they could in a matter of minutes.
I honestly don’t believe President Trump had anything to do with any of it.
If Putin were to have approached him (which I’m sure never happened), I believe Donald would have replied, “I don’t think you should get involved in our voting process. I mean, it isn’t necessary. They love me. The American people love me. I know there are a lot of smart people out there, and they’re gonna make me president, because they are frankly sick of how things have been going for a long time now.”

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I would accept it, though I’m equally sure that Trump was involved up to his eyeballs.

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I would doubt whether Putin asked Trump’s permission before interfering in the American democratic process but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it or that Trump was not involved in some way.

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@Jeruba Escapes me that some people think it’s just a stupid statement trump made when he asked the Russians to find Hillary’s emails. More so after facts seem to reveal the Russians did exactly that.

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Good grief. That comment was no more complicit than if Colbert had thought of it first and delivered the line during a monologue.

Edit: I thought my imitation above was pretty good.

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If the findings did show, that Drumpf was involved, would you?
I already know the answer.

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We already know the Trump campaign was working with Russians to get Clinton’s email and promises of damaging information. Campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner met them at Trump Tower.

It is illegal for a campaign to accept foreign assistance. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has confirmed that candidate Trump approved the meeting beforehand.

This is not a secret. Trump tweeted about it. He admitted the crime.

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Lord the man is stupid.

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“If his findings have no indications that Trump was involved”

That particular quote misses the big picture in all of this. I’m fully prepared to accept whatever conclusions Mueller presents, but in the very unlikely event that Trump emerges from this with collusion free little hands his supporters will rejoice triumphant in his vindication and proof that it was all a “witch hunt”. The point they ignore is that even if not one single indictment more evolves from this investigation, Mueller has thus far uncovered the largest cabal of culpable criminals to grace the inner sanctum of ANY President in our history. The list thus far is one of blatantly transparent and stupid crimes, but Trump is one of the few individuals living who might explain that “I had no idea that so many of my friends and half my cabinet and appointees are career criminals.”

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Of course, there’s no recourse so why not.

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It’s astonishing how some people won’t let go of cherished fallacies. People on both sides of the aisle are guilty of that.

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@Dutchess_III Agreed. Notice I am not chiming in on my own question?

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Yes,of course.
The big question will you?

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I believe he is guilty of obstruction. He has pretty much put it out there several times. Helping Jr. rewrite his statement, and having private conversations with Comey to help Flynn out. I believe he knew about Russian interference but proving that he knowingly asked them to help is another matter and plotted with them is also another matter. That will require actual proof or proof that Russia was blackmailing him or that he got information about Hillary from Jr. meeting.. Not just his crazy rantings. A video recording would be very helpful. But I think there is enough proof already for obstruction and evidence of using the Presidency to make himself rich by selling favors to other countries. So if they say they found absolutely nothing, I would have to call bull. But it doesn’t matter what they find. Even if they have a recorded video of Trump talking to Putin and asking him to help,and Putin agreeing upon some conditions that favors Russia in the future, there will not be an impeachment. Dems will not have the ⅔ needed to impeach and Republicans will set the nation on fire before letting that happen.

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Assuming their conclusions are bscked by irrefutable evidence, why not?

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It’s hard for hard right wing proponents to accept that some people can alter their opinions based on facts. For the right wingers, their opinions are like a religion. They have no basis in fact of any kind, and they are the word of God. They can not be changed. Amen.

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