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Which anti slip accesories for shoes/boots require no removing and putting away when not needed?

Asked by flo (13313points) November 16th, 2018
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In other words if you’re getting into a building where the floors would be damaged or it would be too slippery, you need to remove it and then put it back again, when needed, which could happen a few times an hour even. I have seen one that has a feature where the spikey part ends up on the shoes instead of under it, just by a simple action.

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Get a pair of low quarter rubber booties.

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@kritiper I don’t think you read the detail part.

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@flo Oh, I read it. So can you think of a better idea??? It doesn’t look like anyone else can, as yet. (It’s been 3 days.)
I didn’t say boots, I didn’t say overshoes, I didn’t say galoshes. So I thought of something that would be easy to remove, if needed, and wouldn’t damage floors, like you specified.
A person could just clonk around in heavy treaded (like snow tires) rubber chore boots, if you prefer, but that doesn’t answer your question…

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@kritiper The word “icy” is not my the detail, I thought there was. It’s in the tag.

By the way, I searches for images for booties, and I get regular rain boots. I don’t understand.
This is about search for accesories, i.e something that could be used on different footwears, and about icy roads, and going in and out of buildings, and not being forced to wear one pair of footwear on icy or icy-ish days, and unpredicted weather.

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@flo Yeah, I got that second part. (I spent a whole day considering possibilities before answering.)

Get yourself a pair of overshoes and cut them off at the ankle. (Overshoes go on over your regular shoes.)

I have a pair of low quarter black rubber boots that fit on my feet without my regular shoes. I keep them in the truck for wet conditions that might pop up.
“Towncraft” “lites” “nevados” made in China. Another name on a inner label is “bogger lo.”

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