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How awesome was Charlie Chaplin?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28887points) November 24th, 2018
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Just saw The Gold Rush for the first time and was blown away.

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Really awesome. We all know the “little Tramp” character, but it was just a graphic cliche to me until I saw Modern Times a few years ago. The character is so warm and kind. What a lovely man.

It’s heartening when so much entertainment is dystopias and “gritty dark” comic book movies.

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At least his characters are better than Mr. Bean, who seems to be the Chapin among the modern day kids.

Chapin’s characters are kind-hearted people who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nevertheless, they try their best to be nice with people and their good endings are always well deserved.

Mr. Bean, on the other hand, is a self-absorbed manchild. A lot of his misfortune is the result of his own undoing. He doesn’t care for the people he step on just to satisfy his childish impulse. I don’t find him funny at all with his antics.

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Have you seen any other of Chaplin’s film? My partner and I have watched several of them over the past couple of years, me for the first time.

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^^Yes but none of them left that much good impression as The Gold Rush. I would have to revisit the ones I saw I guess.

Also just read in Wikipedia that Chaplin stated if there was one film he wanted to be remembered for it’s The Gold Rush.

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My parents used to take us to MOMA where we saw several of Chaplin’s films. Most memorable for me were Modern Times and Monsieur Verdoux. He was a master.

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His best was City Lights, but all his silent features were incredible. The Gold Rush, The Kid, The Circus, Modern Times… even the sound The Great Dictator.
I am a huge fan

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Really awesome.

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