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What Are Some Cool Dreams You've Had?

Asked by A_Pencil (16points) November 30th, 2018
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I have been focused on consciousness in psych a lot at college and I was wondering if anyone had any interesting dreams they wanted to share. It could be something that didn’t make much sense that maybe you’d like to get someone else’s perspective on or just what you remember from last night.

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I had one about an AI powered ATM being cross with me for cheating on it with another ATM.

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My guilty pleasure is talking about dreams, so here goes :D

One night I dreamed of being a police detective. I was in the interrogation room with a criminal. He had just killed his wife. He was confessing that he killed his wife for a painting. He recounted his story with no remorse, instead with a strange satisfaction. I woke up and got an idea for a story about an artist who killed someone for a painting.

I like it when my dreams resembles a movie. I can get a lot of inspiration from dreams like that. I don’t know about dreams as future prediction or reflection of past experience although sometimes when something really occupies my mind it bleeds into my dream, but first and foremost, dreams are another form of entertainment for me.

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In college I dreamed that I flew to outerspace and flew all around all the planets.

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I dreamed once I was in a large city where all the buildings and the streets seemed made of white marble. It was very quiet and there was no sign of any people just gleaming white towers and walls. I wanted badly to explore the city to see what I could find and I hurried because I knew I was dreaming. Before I could cross the first marble courtyard to my disappointment I awoke and I have never been able to return.

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I dreamed that Stephen King and I met by chance, and were instantly madly in love with one another. We spent a day together in a large dark house (mainly in the library, of course), without so much as a kiss, because neither of us would ever cheat on or leave our spouses. We tearfully parted ways forever, knowing it just wasn’t meant to be. Tragic and so sappy!

My husband dreamed that I was cheating on him…with Tom Brokaw. So specific and confusing, haha.

Plus, apparently I can’t even cheat in my own dreams, so that seems unfair. ~

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first one: “she” really is how I saw her after looking in the mirror

She walked through schools hall (larger than usual) watching beautiful teens with well-done hair and sophisticated uniforms passing by glamorously; almost everything in the school was in black colors, ground, wall; with some white; glass division, mirrors at a side of the school class doors. It was a school that had as a focus in beauty and well-raised women.

Everything seems almost perfectly done though; sophisticated, black and white; rich teenagers and perfect faces and bodies.

She was starting to get dizzy but tried to keep going to front; the gravity was trying to push her down, while staggered at the places, she saw one, two, three beautiful ladies approaching her; they said something and she starts to feel a soft pain in the chest but kept going staggered through halls, she starts to fall in a hall when there was a lot of glass walls, you could see what was in there; sophisticated and different classes of usual; and very clean and organized; it was different from the first hall (back in there had just blacks colors wall; now it was almost all about glass division) – some parts there was a brick (in white) division; she was feeling like it was home. In front it was black walls só you almost couldn’t see what was in there.

She touched with her right hand a glass wall to avoid fall; she almost touched her knees in the ground; looking to her right side, she saw a sophisticated brown door and fastly came in; it was a bathroom with expensive looks and a glass division almost in the end; one glorious girl passed by and another one came in; the scenes of mirrors, glass, and black about last time was confusing her mind. She looked to her hands still feeling dizzy and it was touching the washbasin so she looked to her side; she could now see the hall from a magic division (glass type) from bathroom – who was outside bathroom could not see what was in inside, but who was in inside could see what was outside – and then she looked to herself in the mirror, her eyes were half mirrored but still beautiful, her was so clean and her face was beautiful; using the glamorous black uniform; after looking to herself tears fell down of her face without stopping.

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As a small child, I often dreamed that I was driving, alone, down an extremely narrow mountain road in an old, dark blue (nearly black), round-fendered car with tan interior, and I was anxious.

I often had nightmares, as a child, but I taught myself to enjoy them, rather than panicking. I would feel myself trying to wake and would talk myself into staying asleep, so I could see how the dream developed. I then looked forward to them.

I quit having nightmares when we moved from California when I was 8–½. I no longer had a need for the entertainment of nightmares, because life, itself, was nightmare enough and not at all enjoyed.

An adult nightmare, very detailed, was that I was at the church camp I attended very summer then, and to enter it, I went down the rabbit hole (as in Alice in Wonderland). Rather than falling down the rabbit hole, I walked briskly (propelled to do so by the steep terrain) down the bumpy path, between tall, dense redwood trees.

On my back, I carried an extremely emaciated, crippled child, who was me as a little girl. I called her by the name I was given when I was born (which I had, by then, legally changed). She held on to me so tightly that her bony arms and fingers were hurting me.

On the way, we passed groups of people who stood tightly together, whispering (some behind hands covering their mouths), watching us pass. All of them disapproved of me.

I got to the bottom of the hole and saw there a obelisk that looked like a 6-foot-tall Washington Monument. The child screamed and tore at me, but I pried her off my back and, with purpose, plopped her down in front of the monument. She screamed louder and begged me not to leave her there, to take her with me. She tried to get the gossiping groups to stop me, so they also began yelling at me, demanding that I take her. I said nothing but walked briskly past them, up past the trees, and out of the rabbit hole, into bright sunshine.

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