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When was the last time you got a decent night’s sleep?

Asked by Kardamom (32120points) December 9th, 2018
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My question was inspired by this question:

I don’t think I have had a good night’s sleep since I was in my late 30’s. Back then, I slept well enough, but it was at the wrong time. It would have been better if I could have gone to bed later, and gotten up later, but school and work did not permit that. You would have thought that I would have gotten used to that pattern, but I never did. But when I slept, it was good.

When I got into my late 30’s, I started to have horrific nightmares pretty much every night, up until peri menopause hit around 48.

I’m now 55 and I don’t exactly have mightmares, like I did before, but I have wild, crazy, nonsensical dreams that leave me exhausted in the morning, and scratching my head. This has been going on since about age 48.

I sleep poorly and wake up many times during the night, yet I am plagued by vivid, crazy dreams (but mostly not nightmares like the ones I had for years). Insomnia is a constant companion.

I chalk it all up to hormonal changes throughout my life. I don’t believe that dreams have “meaning.”

When was your last decent night’s sleep?

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Last night.

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I sleep well and long. Eight hours in a stretch. I have interesting cinematic dreams.

The two factors which consistently give me good sleep are 1) limit alcohol consumption and 2) exercise.

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^Alcohol consumption and no exercise help me sleep. Isn’t life funny.

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Last night. I’m fortunate to sleep well most of the time. Every now and then I’ll get into a pattern of poor interrupted sleep. Seems to be going well now, so I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

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Fortunately my sleeping habits are pretty good, I sleep like a rock most nights. I’ve even slept through severe thunderstorms. But I used to have nightmares every other night when I was taking anxiety medication

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I sleep well…. except for getting up to pee once or twice a night.
If I cut back on fluids about 3 hours before bed I can make it through the night.
Sleeping is a pleasure.

If I eat cheese just before bed I am guaranteed wild and crazy dreams.

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Always do, my butler reads bedtime stories to me while gently tweaking my nipples, sends me off to slumberland feeling contented & somewhat superior…which is as it should be.

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I have a good night’s sleep about once every two to three weeks. Most of the time, my sleep pattern is like yours @Kardamom . The only difference is that that has always been my pattern. My brain just won’t quit and I have wild, cinematic dreams.

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Last night. The only thing that keeps it from being just right is the damn alarm that starts going off at 5:30. :/

I love sleeping. I want to put “sleeping” on my resume under “interests.”

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Every night, I’m really lucky and fall asleep quickly. I can almost always nap, too, if I need extra on weekends.

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Most nights I sleep well. I’ll say night before last was my most recent good night sleep. Last night I had a nightmare that woke me.

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47 years ago, in utero.

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Put me down for last night.

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Can’t remember when I slept well all through the night. It would be sometime when I was a young kid.

I get up about every hour on the hour each night. I get up to shake out my nerves then I usually go right back to sleep.

I’ve got nerve issues. My doctor documented that I have an “anxiety problem”. He wants me to take Lorazapam but I refuse to take it.

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Saturday night. I was taking a long weekend.

Last night I got home at midnight because of a delayed flight, had to be up at 4:45 this morning.

I have a nap scheduled for this afternoon.

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Been years since I got a good night’s sleep.

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I have trouble with sleep since I was 14, so I know what you are going through. Your dreams are probably a result of messy thoughts, and insomnia is just a result of the poor sleep pattern you’ve developed during the years. Even though you might be right about the hormonal change part, I recommend practising mindfulness and meditation. You might not see a result right away, but it will change your life once you start performing it regularly. Deep sleep can be encouraged in other ways as well. You can try playing sound frequencies that induce deeper sleep in the background. There are apps for it, like Sleep Automatic. I’m sure if you look it up you will find plenty of information about this topic. A change in your mentality will most likely help. Try not to stress this matter that much any longer.

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Last night, actually. Once I’m asleep I sleep well. Looks like I’m a lucky duck.

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