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What does it mean if two people dream the same dream?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) December 16th, 2018
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I had a dream 2 weeks ago that my darling little girl was riding a bike, she lost control and fell of a cliff, it was the most terrifying dream I’ve ever had and I woke up sweating and so upset. Now 2 weeks on my daughter dreamed that she fell off a cliff and drowned in water. I’m trying to tell myself that there is a logical explanation for this but inside I’m in turmoil as to what this means. Do I need to avoid places that are dangerous or is it just a coincidence. I’m a paranoid mother as it is without this weird scenario happening. When she woke up she was so upset, we discussed it etc and she went to school happy, but inside I’m having such a horrible day. She didn’t know about my dream… am I over reacting?

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Nothing is a good answer… I“m over thinking it.

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You must have said something to her, or she overheard you saying something to someone else. I can sure understand how freaked out you’d be, though.

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Is your daughter faced with some big challenge?
Some simple thing which has nerves upset, like a part in a Christmas play, or a report she has to read in front of the class?

Sometimes facing a life hurdle can get nerves so uptight that dreams can be affected. Having a dream like that can be triggered by a case of nerves.
Interesting though, the coincidence of dreaming so closely to the same thing.

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Yeah she is learning to swim right now so I can understand the drowning aspect, and I was saying to her yesterday ‘if you fall into a pool, would you be able to swim your way out?’ – so maybe it literally comes from that?

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It could mean that your daughter has picked up that you are upset about something and that has troubled her and affected her dreams. She has possibly even overheard you talking about your dream or speaking to someone on the phone about it.

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Yeah I did FB my friend about it but she wouldn’t have seen that but perhaps she overheard me… horrible dreams to have, really made my day feel a bit lack- lustre.

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Celebrate that it was a creepy thing which will never happen. Some small thing like going for ice cream together, and a couple of extra hugs.
That should help you both recover from the creepy freaky feelings.

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Nothing. It’s just a coincidence.

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Dreams do not have any meaning. Lots of people have similar dreams, usually due to some sort of anxiety, or taking medication, or even eating spicy food to close to bedtime.

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I have read this also that most dreams we have – we actually ALL have, apparently dreams are very cyclical in nature, we’ve all dreamt we were going chased but couldn’t run, or we’ve all had falling dreams or flying dreams, – I’m starting to feel better about it all, thank goodness for Fluther and you guys. Thank you.

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Going to school naked!

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Yes that one!

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Really good drugs.

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I’ve had the going to school naked dream too. And the falling off a cliff one. And the tripping and falling on my face one.

They mean nothing.

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I think it means you’re both working out some anxiety on a metaphorical level.

Unless you both dream of her doing an overextended indian air seat grab back flip. While a polka-dotted flying otter played Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in The Wall on a banjo.

Falling off of a cliff or drowning are pretty common dreams.

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@raum Um… I’m worried now. Was your otter playing a 4 string Plectrum or a 19 fret Tenor banjo?

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Just your basic five-string banjo—but strung with hair from a unicorn’s rump.

Should I be worried?

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Whew! We’re ok. The strings in my dream were made from Guatemalan refuge hair.

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A million out of work comedians…

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LOL!! But it is really horrifying to have a dream like that about one of your kids. :(

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Our dreams tend to incorporate everyday activities with deep fears and psychological issues, into a process (like dreams) so that we may be able to work through them. Almost like a built-in psychotherapist.
So, it may not be out of line to think that maybe you two went for a bike ride on an anxiety filled day where everything may be out of control. Or perhaps you and your family may be experiencing something as a family which is a bit out of your control… couple that with one of the most common dreams (that of falling) and whallah!
There you have a scenario where you brain has conjured up a clip, a visual representation, where you now have an absurd visual of your life.
Once you can see it, visualize it, you can walk yourself through it and resolve it, logically.
This is one of my beliefs of why we dream.
I hope it sheds some light on your predicament.
Take care.

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