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USB Drive reads "No Media"?

I have a USB Drive that I’ve been using for the past year. I was using it yesterday just fine but today I plugged it into my computer and it reads as “No media”. Instead of normally popping up in File Explorer, nothing happens. Under This PC, it reads “Please insert a disk into USB Drive (D:)” I tried plugging it into every USB port. I tried my laptop’s USB ports too.

Disk Management in Windows also labels the USB drive as “No media”. I also checked using Command Prompt – still labels as “No media”.

I followed a YouTube video that said to download ChipGenius to get the manufacturing information about my USB drive. According to ChipGenius it’s made by ChipsBnk, model number CBM2199A – [2017–05-17]

After that, I was supposed to follow a link to download firmware for my ChipsBnk USB Drive. I would normally be wary of videos like these but the comments suggested it was legit and I was desperate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find CBM2199A at all in their site.

Just my luck.

I don’t know what to do now.

This USB drive was my backup, so it’s not a big deal since I have my original files on my desktop. But I do have some information on this USB drive that I forgot to copy.

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