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What would your three wishes be?

Asked by seawulf575 (13839points) December 31st, 2018
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If you found the magic lamp with the genie inside, and you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

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I can not tell you.
I would need to hire a team of lawyers to formulate water-tight wishes so the Djinn can not fuck with me.

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Guns for teachers.
The Wall.
More burning of fossil fuel.

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I would just use one wish and ask the genie to swap places with Trump.

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World peace
No hunger
No homeless

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Djinn wipes out all life on earth.

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Immortality for me.

Immortality for my cat.

A modest passive income for eternity.

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Have enough money not to worry about working
Having good health
A lasting, happy relationship with my spouse

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That my whole family could just get along like I think a family should
All of us and my future generations will always have enough money so they don’t have to worry.
That America had a one payer health care system and nobody died for lack of care.

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Good health for my youngest son, my husband and my father.

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1. One soul to me.
2. To decrease women death’s caused by their husbands. It usually happens in low social standing.
3. So I need to get skinny.

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A harder question that it first appears to be if you give it some thought.

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@rojo which is why I’m still mulling an answer.

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Do you go with what is best for you? for your family? for your community? or the world in general?

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And what would be the best wishes for any or all of those?

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Well, I cheated. I lumped all my familiy members present in with all my uture descendants and called it “one”! You can do maths that way in magic. It’s allowed.

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I wish to know what I wanted. I wish to have my needs met. I would set the genie free.

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Now the real wishes.
1) I would like big and tall clothes that fit and are comfortable.
2) I would like unlimited food and drink that I actually like.
3) I would like to enroll in a Ph.D. degree in open studies and pass.

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