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What classic literary character would you like to see dropped into a different classic novel?

Asked by Kardamom (32755points) January 3rd, 2019
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I was just thinking that it would be interesting to see some of the biggies (or even minor characters) in classic literature, be dropped into another piece of classic literature, either by the same author, or better yet, a piece by a different author of classic literature.

What if Uriah Heep, from David Copperfield, was dropped into Wuthering Heights, in place of Heathcliff? I thought Heathcliff was a creep, but apparently many people see him as this tragic romantic character. Do you think Cathy would have been repulsed by Uriah Heep, enough to stay off the moors with him? Or maybe she would have thought he was sweet, and tried to “fix” him like women are prone to do with broken men. And would Uriah Heep have used Cathy’s connection to the kind, but well off Linton family, to insinuate himself into that family, leaving Cathy to slink back to Wuthering Heights?

What classic literary characters would you like to see dropped into another story, and how would that play out?

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Dorian Gray dropped in for Mr Hyde haha

How about Jo from Little Women in for Jane Eyre?

Gosh, best Q evaaa!

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Add Robert Langdon to the Name Of The Rose.

Pippi Longstocking to Lolita.

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@Kardamom I love Heathcliff! How could you hate him after knowing his life? He’s the victim to me. (Its my favorite)

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Long John Silver (novel Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson) in The Great Gatsby.

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Oh, just for the fun of it, lets plop William Wilson, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, and Hermann Karlovich into The Secret Sharer just to see what happens. If there’s any room left over, toss in the painted likeness of Dorian Gray.

Meanwhile, I kind of want to sic Huckleberry Finn on the March sisters and lock Sherlock Holmes in a room with Madame de Winter. I guess the allure of mischief is stronger than I thought.

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Classic Kirk gets dropped into the JarJarVerse and beats some sense into PineKirk with a papier-mâché dildo.

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Let’s replace Hamlet with Porthos from The Three Musketeers.

of course, I would rather have Nick from The Great Gatsby dropped into Fight Club

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No. Replace Hamlet with the Terminator. Played by Arnold.

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Bilbo Baggins replaces Jonathan Harker
Sauron replaces Count Dracula

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I’d go for god in the buddhist sutras and have three with everything delivered.

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I would like to see Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights to be put in Alice in Wonderland and see him mastermind a plan to conquer Wonderland. Perhaps he’ll court Queen of Hearts for his plan. Perhaps Alice would ended up as Isabella in her own story. Even though it dishearten me to read a novel with bitter-sweet ending I have come to appreciate it these days as it’s more realistic than the happily ever after ending.

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@Unofficial Much more realistic. His whole he was treated poorly and it changed him. Its a good lesson on how our actions to others can create monsters.

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Maybe replace Huck Finn with the robot from an Asimov novel. There’s something about moral puzzles in the antebellum South being played out by artificially intelligent robot that has the making of an interesting read.

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Long John Silver shipwrecked with Robinson Crusoe.

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Robinson Crusoe replaced by Bear Grylls.

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I’d like to see Abiatha Swelter from Gormenghast put in Three Men in a Boat.

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