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What are the different kinds of majorities (as in votes)?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 15th, 2019
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A Simple majority is 51%, what else, and what are the numbers that correspond to each? For example at what point can it be called vast?

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Relative majority:
having more votes than any other party by itself.
Simple majority:
having more than 50% of all votes.
Absolute majority:
having more votes than all other parties combined.
Qualified majority:
having more than a specified percentage of votes, for example: having more than ⅔rds of the total votes in order to pass changes to the constitution.

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Thanks @ragingloli

When does it make it to vast though? When should I use it?

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I think that is a wishy washy, subjective judgement.

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Trumpers and some Republicans in general call themselves the silent majority.

They don’t need to discuss it or argue about it, they’ll just show up to vote.

“The silent majority is an unspecified large group of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly”

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In politics, I have seen landslide defined as 60% of the vote.

The recent vote in the UK against Teresa May’s Brexit deal was well over 60%.

According to the Five Thirty-Eight Web site, Trump’s disapproval rating is 54%. He does not have a majority, silent or vocal. The opposition has not reached 60% yet, but it has been heading in that direction. A few more weeks of shutdown could get them there.

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@ragingloli Yes, it verry subjective which is what made me ask after I heard it used for 60%, which is not that far from simple majority.
@KNOWITALL about corresponding numbers though. as in 51 goes with simple and so on.

But @LostInParadise “I have seen landslide defined as 60% of the vote.” I don’t remember what they were talking about though.

@Zaku Thanks for the link. I’m about to read it.

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