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What would you be thinking if you saw a TV show like this?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) January 18th, 2019
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So there are 50 contestants… they go from 1–50 and they start the show immediately without even explaining what the show is… then after 10 contestants, they finally tell you what the show is about

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I guess it could be somewhat refreshing to not know what the show is about, but it can’t be a constant gimmick; after the first episode the viewer would know.

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I wouldn’t have waited for even the first contestant, much less the tenth, if I didn’t know what it was about. Sounds like idiocy.

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Sounds lame, unless the contestants were really engaging and interesting.

I want a game show where rescue dogs pick their families, instead of the other way around. :)

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It was an obstacle course… actually the original Ninja Warrior, but they didn’t tell you what the obstacles were or who was in the show until after #10 tried the obstacles.

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Unless the 10 contestants are eliminated in under 3 minutes, I would be thinking “this show is doomed” as I reach for the remote.

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There is an edit of the show where they start with a “previously on…” segment where they showed the last contestant standing fail, then they started the show, but I have not seen that.

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“Who made this shite?”

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Nothing. I would have no reason to watch a show that didn’t provide a synopsis of what the “real” show was about.

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From your description I was thinking the show was some form of a puzzle where the audience needed to figure out why people were eliminated after watching them interact for 10 minutes.
The eliminations could be something like: anyone with red on their shirts, or anyone speaking after the meeting started, or anyone who curses., It would be up to the audience to figure out the pattern.
I wouldn’t watch it but some people would. Heck, it’s been proven some people will watch anything.

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My apologies, guys. It turns out there was an introduction, but it wasn’t in the video I watched… the person that uploaded left that part out, whoops.

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