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How can I make this bracelet sturdier?

Asked by dxs (15160points) January 24th, 2019
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I made a bracelet from dum dum wrappers and I’m giving it to someone. It will last for a while in its own, but to be sure I’d like to made it sturdier somehow. What can I do? I thought about laminating it but that might look ridiculous. Is there a spray I can use?
Here’s a (generic) picture of what it looks like:

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Maybe spraying polyurethane on it will help. You can get it in the paint department of any store. It is clear coated.

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When I was a teen, we made ours from chewing gum wrappers. Polyurethane spray hadn’t been invented yet, so we protected ours with clear nail polish. You just need to be sure to do a thin coat of the polish & let it dry thoroughly. Then you can add more coats as needed until you reach your desired result…or stop where you think it looks the best.

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I go with all the above. And that’s a cool bracelet.

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Thanks for the advice. I realized that I had this polyurethane-like spray I used to spray on charcoal drawings. I used that a couple days ago and let it dry. It seemed to work well. If anything it’s a light coating but the bracelet seems much sturdier. Now I just have to put on the velcro and it’ll be ready. Thanks!

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