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What do you do that you absolutely love?

Asked by Caravanfan (12649points) January 30th, 2019
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Only rule to this is you have to write:
“I absolutely love”...

My answer:
I absolutely love playing bluegrass music.

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I absolutely love my art class, portrait drawing and painting. It has been wonderful for me. I’ve learned so much, and I can see real gains in my work.

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I absolutely love living in a city with so many amenities.

I absolutely love living a 5 to 10 minute walk from two different lakes that offer all the outdoor activities that excite me.

I absolutely love living a 5 minute walk from music venues that feature artists I enjoy.

I absolutely love living 1–2 miles from the superb educational and medical needs that my family requires.

I absolutely love having any type of cuisine I desire within a 1–2 mile radius.

I can eat, play, listen and learn all the things I enjoy when I step outside my door.

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I absolutely love staying up all night adding books to my Amazon wish list. You can get $0.01 and free shipping to new books. Also I absolutely love online shopping on other sights like Wayfair, Ebay. I absolutely love updating my dating sites profiles.

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I absolutely love musical theater.

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@Aethelwine Wow! Where do you live?

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I absolutely love hosting my July 4th parties. I absolutely love the noise, the smells, the bonfires, the camaraderie, the food, the experiments.. It’s magical!!!

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And even more than above….

I absolutely love playing with my grandchildren. I get indescribable please watching them learn and progress. They’re so damn cute!

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I absolutely love my painting studio class.
I absolutely love reading in front of my new gas fire.
I absolutely love walking the boardwalk on a summer evening.
I absolutely love going to the movies.
I absolutely love being retired.

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I absolutely love making jewelry.

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I absolutely love taking pictures.

I absolutely love rubbing dog and cat tummies.

I absolutely love collecting recipes.

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I absolutely love living in a small town.

I absolutely love reading.

I absolutely love animals, all of them, all the time.

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I absolutely love the smallest of simple pleasures. The germination of seeds that I planted. A twist I did not see coming in a book I am enjoying. The first slice of bread, still warm, fresh out of the oven. Seeing the dog do a silly thing. Stuff like that.

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I absolutely love lounging about in a warm, comfy heated waterbed on a Saturday morning, under a mountain of thick comforters when it’s freezing cold outside.

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I absolutely love sitting by the window and reading a good book.

I absolutely love mountain biking in the Sierra Nevadas.

I absolutely love spending time with my niece and nephew.

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I absolutely love doing boring, mundane things with my husband. We always end up having the most fun. Yesterday he got off a long night shift and I drove him about an hour away to a dr appointment and the whole time we were just being goofy and making each other laugh. We were in the waiting room and the nurse came out and called for a Mr. Beard and he quietly gasped and looked at me and said “How dare she call me that” (he has a long beard) and we were both dumb and giggling like little kids but it’s always like that with him anytime we have to go do something boring or mildly unpleasant.

I also absolutely love snuggling with my kiddo and our cat. The cat will lay next to me all the time but she really prefers to lay ON my kiddo and we just have a big cuddle puddle and it’s the best.

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I absolutely love paying our devoted & loyal butler Carstairs that little bit more when he goes the extra mile, like when he dabs my penis right after my first pee of the day.

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@ucme Me too, although we pay extra for the penis wiping service.

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I absolutely LOVE being single!

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I absolutely LOVE Mrs Squeeky.

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@SQUEEKY2 So sweet!

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@KNOWITALL Sweet and naughty.
(Considering that the question is about what you do and love.)

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I absolutely love mountain biking
I absolutely love playing guitar
I absolutely love restoring some old piece of junk like new
I absolutely love the first cup of coffee in the morning
I absolutely love my dog
I absolutely love poking in the fire pit on a chilly night

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It relieves my anxiety and depression, and is also a good way to earn some money as a side job.

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I absolutely love cooking in a cast iron skillet.
I absolutely love baking cookies.
I absolutely love drinking wine.

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My absolute loves are off-the-wall versions of @AshLeigh‘s:

IAL casting cooks into iron skillets.
IAL cooking bakers.
IAL whining about drinks. ;-p

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I absolutely love my cuddle with my husband.

I absolutely love my new friendship with a woman I met here in my new city a couple of years ago.

I absolutely love being able to do so many activities where I live. Last night it was cold so my sister and I went to a close by recreation center and did a puzzle (there is always a puzzle out, anyone can work on it). If it had been warm we would have gone to hear a band at the town square and dance a little.

I absolutely love mini vacations. I love staying in a hotel, I love the change of scenery. I love that it’s easy to pack for just a day or a few, I love that if we are driving I don’t have to fit everything in the suitcase. I love that my husband is in the moment when he is on vacation. I especially love when my hotel is free (points).

I love my heater. I hate being cold.

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I absolutely love fog over a river when I’m camping.

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I absolutely love watching, “My Lottery Dream Home” where I not only get to see lovely homes but, more than that, see David Bromstad smile, talk, look cute, hug his clients and I can just feel his love for life.

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@aster I love that show, too.

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@Incoherency_, GA. I, too, love those things! XD

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@AshLeigh Cooking in a 100+ year old cast iron skillet is one of mine too.

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