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What would be some of the characteristics of a Bizarro- or an Anti-Fluther site?

Asked by Brian1946 (29596points) February 1st, 2019
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Who would be the anti-you or the bizarro version of your jelly self?

What would be the opposite of Lurve?

What questions do you think would be asked at Bizarro Fluther?

What would be grounds for having a quip moderated?

The above are just suggestions. Please feel free add your own distortions.

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My identity would be @Hate_Dogs_and_Dont_Have_One. I’d use copious amounts of profanity while I advocate hunting, meat-eating, the repeal of all gun control, and Republicanism.

What you see at Fluther is exactly what I am in real life. So, the Bizarro World version of me, here, would be the opposite of me in my day-to-day life.

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Me wish me could give you so much more lurve, because me HATE you answer! ;-p

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^^^ “Goodye,” me say, as me enter the room.

“Hello,” me need to go now.

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I would be God-Wolley.

Everyone would love me for my political insight.

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I would be upset because everything is perfect.

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@yellowdog. That’s among the greatest Fluther answers of all time.

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I think the anti-me is already here :P

Instead of only being able to ask three questions per day, you’d be able to make three comments a day.

Quips would be moderated if they were on topic in any way. Every comment must be chatty and off-topic.

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A anti-fluther site would be one where people can disagree politely without calling names.

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No pancakes.

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She would be obsessed with faking intellectual, posting tldr post ranting about nothing, changing her avatar every 3 days with selfie, and wouldn’t even know Fluther exists.

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Me now have bizarro version of Flooder in mine avatar!

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Hate points are awarded for personal attacks and correct spelling is unacceptable. Answers that make sense will be flagged. My avatar would show me wearing a MAGA baseball cap.

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@Brian1946 your avatar looks like he just murdered someone and got away with it :D

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Leftists who didn’t vote or voted for the Green Party would not consider themselves more righteous than people who vote pragmatically for the Democratic candidate.

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^I could counter that with Democrats who insist that non voters and third party voters were responsible for Trump winning the election would not consider themselves more righteous than anyone else who chooses to vote or not vote for the lesser of two evils.
(Democrats need to quit the infighting. It only divides.) ;)

Ooh, there you go. A characteristic of bizarro Fluther would be that Democrats would not blame each other and find some common ground. They would all get along.

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^^ But they started it!! :-) And I totally agree about the infighting.

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My anti me’s name would be: @StuffMeFullofMeatandCallMeaRightWingNutJob

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In the Bizarro World, the governor of my state is Ralph Northam. Oh…wait a minute…

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