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Is your best friend a lot like you, or more like a case of opposites attracting?

My best friend and I have so many similarities, and common interests, and similar tastes in things, that it seems like we could be twins.

We are 10 years apart in age, and we don’t look anything alike, but we often show up to events, whether it’s just lunch, or a show, dressed almost identically, even though we didn’t discuss what we were going to wear.

We don’t live in the same city, so we don’t see each other very often, although we are in daily contact.

We like the same foods, have the same political leanings, have the same hobbies, have a lot of mutual friends, and have a similar sense of humor.

The other day, we were texting back and forth, I don’t even recall the subject, but I was replying to something she said, and I could see that she was typing something at the same time. We typed the same paragraph almost word for word. I don’t recall that ever having happened with anyone else.

One difference between us is that she is good at math, and I am not.

Some friendships, and romantic relationships, work because the people have a lot of things in common. Other friendships, and relationships, seem to work because the people in them have strengths and weaknesses, and differences in temperment, and interests of all different kinds, which complement each other’s needs.

Are you and your best friend (other than your spouse) more similar, or more complementary?

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