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Does intelligence correlate to brain taste?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20768points) February 23rd, 2019
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From different species in the planet? Do different animals brains taste differently? What does dolphin brains taste like? Octopi are smart too, what do their brains taste like? What does every mammal taste like when compared to birds and fish brains? Can one determine intelligence by brain taste?

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A mind is a terrible thing to taste.

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Only ate cow and fish brains. Both were soft and slippery in texture and while cow brain tasted creamy, I find fish brains more tasty for being salty.

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“Does intelligence correlate to brain taste?”
– I’m expecting the answer is “no”.

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No because one cannot “taste” intelligence” since its not a material thing.

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But can we really be sure without trying? ;-P

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On the other tongue, maybe brain taste absolutely does correlate to intelligence, but only as judged by the universe’s ultimate authority on what type of intelligence is best.

We could therefore learn the universe’ ideal form of intelligence via taste test, but unfortunately probably only posthumously unless we develop a means of tasting living brains without killing the taste-ee.

Unless it’s an acquired taste and/or out own pallets are not able to fully appreciate this flavor.

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…... whhhh

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Finally tried eating two brains today. They tasted pretty much alike. Saltier and slurpier than expected, ad fiberous.

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