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Have you ever been in / dreamed of a place that you have dreamed about before, but does not exist in reality?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) March 4th, 2019
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or, have you ever dreamed of a PERSON that exists only in dreams, hangs out with your crowd, but does not really exist—and has been in several dreams?

Periodically I dream of a beautiful place with lakes, hills, woods, and a bicycle trail that is pretty much in the neighborhood where I grew up and my parents currently reside. But no such place really exists in that neighborhood, or anywhere else I have ever been.

I also dream periodically about rooms and buildings—sometimes very elaborate beyond description, that are supposed to coincide with real places that exist or once existed, but no place like that ever existed, though I visit them many times in dreams,

These are not recurring dreams per se’ —just places I dream about, that my subconscious seems to think exist.

When I was ten years old, I asked my parents if they have ever dreamed of a place they have dreamed about before, but was not a real place. My father actually had. So I wonder how common this is.

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I love wandering through such dreams but as Dunsany said bricks without straw are more easily made than imagination without memories.

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Concordant Opposition. Meeting place of the god’s.

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Yes, I would say so. I have dreams that, when I have one, I am certain that it is connected to a series of dreams I’ve had over the past several years. Having one of these dreams conjures up memories of previous related dreams. These dreams all take place in a fictional world and I feel that it is the same fictional world, which is why they seem “connected”. But it’s not easy for me to describe that fictional world or the actual connection between the dreams other than a vague feeling that they’re connected. It’s weird.

Most of my dreams, however, take place in recognizable locations (highly bizarre or inaccurate versions of them sometimes) or one-off fictional places that are never to recur.

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There are certain places that I visit in dreams and that do not (so far as I know) exist outside of dreams. I’m often aware of that while in the dream: “I’ve been here before, in another dream, and I’m dreaming now.”

I used to dream of a certain house that, over time, I explored from bottom to top. I had my favorite places in it and was always happy to go there again, even when there were scary parts. Then I dreamed that the house burned down, and after that it never again appeared in a dream.

One reason that I enjoy the stories of Lovecraft, despite their lurid style and eccentric vocabulary, is that he so often makes use of elaborate, fantastic, and mysterious dreamscapes in his stories.

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I have had several reoccurring dreams, but the place is real, the action is not.
One involves a bridge in the town of my childhood. It is a very small town, but straddles a river. Whenever we went into that town, we had to cross that bridge. My brother and I would beg mom to let us walk across the bridge, and her to wait for us on the other side.
While I was in the Navy, I dreamed several times that I would return to that town, and walk across that bridge. Midway across, the bridge would crumble.
After discharge, I went back to that town to visit my grandma. We chatted a while, then I told her about the dream, and excused myself to go walk across the bridge. It might crumble, but whether it did or not would surely end those dreams.
It worked I stopped having them.

I think what you describe sounds like a great opportunity for adventure. I’m a little jealous.

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One way to stop a recurring dream, or nightmare, is to do exactly what you did.

It finally convinces the subconscious mind that it won’t happen.

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