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Have you ever dreamed something that actually happened the next day?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) March 4th, 2019
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Sometimes I think that the sense of Deja Vu is actually remembering a half-remembered dream.

But have you ever dreamed something, met someone, or experienced something in a dream, one that you remember well, that actually DID occur the next day? Maybe not exactly the same way, but scenes, places, or someone’s words or actions, were unmistakable?

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I have experienced this a few times. The most recent was around three months ago when I dreamed I was speaking with someone whose eyes had a very strange criss crossed appearance. Later that same day I was speaking to my girlfriend in the swimming pool. She was wearing goggles which reflected the white tiled wall behind me creating exactly the appearance in my dream.

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It wasn’t the next day, but I dreamt what my SIL’s daughter would look like. I dreamed her as my husband and I’s daughter.

We were going to visit my SIL, and my niece was about 15 months old. I hadn’t seen any recent photos, the only photo I had seen was her photo from the day she was born. I dreamt a girl with curly/wavy hair in pig tails and similar face and coloring to my husband, but more rounded face, and running around, smiling. It was her.

My SIL and her husband have straight hair, and their first born, a son, has arrow straight hair, and lighter coloring, my husband has dark curly hair. It’s not a huge leap that a baby would look as she does, but she really does not look like her brother, and he was a very serious kid, not bubbly like her.

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Yes, I once dreamed my car started acting up and I traded it in for a black sedan. The next day the transmission in my car really started acting up and I decided to trade it in. I began to negotiate on a small truck at the used car lot. I ended up driving off the lot in a black sedan exactly like my dream.

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I used to do that fairly regularly, but it was always fairly silly, small, events.

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Yes. When you share your dreams with people, and then you both see things happen, at least you know it’s not deja vu.

Giant chicken in a dream last night? How funny. Oh look, a giant chicken (sculpture in the back of a truck) ...

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I used to have terribly mundane dreams. I would drop off the dry cleaning or get a haircut. So yes.

Now I have cinematic dreams. Great stories, drama, scenic locales. Those aren’t happening in real life.

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I had a very specific dream once as a child. It upset me terribly. I described it to my mom. She firmly stated that none of it could happen, but it did, including people who came into my life who had been in the dream. The whole group was distinctly as I had seen them in my dream.
I have also had moments I would “remember” something before it actually happened.

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This is a dream I had when I was very small, perhaps four years old, which was remembered throughout my life and ‘fulfilled’ in three parts throughout my life.

When I was about four, I dreamed I was in a Victorian house similar to that of my great grandparents’ house—and in a parlour or library, by the wood and tile fireplace, there was a teal green (my favourite colour) car, just my size and very enticing.

This is the age where children dream of being supernaturally stuck to floor or unable to reach an area while danger approaches—had a lot of those dreams as a small child,

Well, anyhow, I approached the car and was totally enthralled with it. the hood of the car was opened, and I reached down inside—and the hood slammed down on my right hand. The hood sort of dented or was crushed in a particular spot, as was my hand, and the pain in my right hand was intense. But worse yet, I was unable to extract my hand, or leave / get back to where I needed to be.

I remembered the dream throughout my life. By the time I was ten, I was wanting a miniature car like that one I remembered from the dream.

When I was in my twenties, I bought my first new car—a 1993 Toyota Corolla—teal in colour like the car in the dream, and even looking and ‘feeling’ like it.

Ten years later, still in excellent condition, the hood was damaged / partially crushed in storm damage from straight-line winds, I remembered the dream from all those yeas ago, as the hood now looked the same way. My insurance wanted to total / purchase the car rather than pay for damages, so I held onto the car for another ten years, unable to afford repairs.

Eight years after the storm damage, I was shot in a robbery. Although I was shot through my chest and out my shoulder blades, the only lasting damage was to my ulnar nerve, leaving my right hand in constant, sharp, intense pain. When most intense and throbbing, you bet I remember that dream and the part of my hand that was pinned under that hood and unable to extract myself.

For a couple of years, all three elements were there. Same green / teal car, dented hood, hand that felt crushed and pinned under the hood.

I bought a new car with settlement money from Social Security Disability in 2015 and finally parted with the teal Corolla—but still vividly remember the dream I had when I was just four, and the details which were played out in my life as major events. No pack of tarot cards was ever this accurate, though the feeling is eerily similar.

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Yes. A lot of times. And it feels awful.

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