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A get to know you kind of question, what would you take to a deserted island?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) March 21st, 2019
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Each “thing”, imaginary or not, will be with you until a ship passes by and rescues you.

Please, allow for some fantasy, i.e., electricity and appliances. Silly I know.

1. Song or Album
2. Movie
3. T.V. show
4. Food item
5. Clothing

Bonus: Friend.

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Flint and steel
Sharp knife and/or machete
Water filter
Change of clothes appropriate for the climate
Rope and string and lots of it!
A couple of good books
An attractive and horny female friend.
Good supply of condoms.

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1. Song or Album – Zeppelin
2. Movie – Castaway
3. T.V. show – Survivor
4. Food item – Does water count? Otherwise I’ll take rice.
5. Clothing – Long sleeved safari wear

Bonus: Friend. – My dog

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1. Song or Album – Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony
2. Movie – Babette’s Feast
3. T.V. show – I don’t watch TV
4. Food item – good tea
5. Clothing – something for the beach

And my boyfriend

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Song or album- Bohemian Rhapsody
Movie- can’t think of one
TV show-CSI
Food item- Diet Pepsi
Clothing- bathing suit
Friend- my dog Jessie

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Pretty much the same load I take backpacking. I’ll also take a guitar with me and a ham radio. I may hang out there for months before even attempting to radio in help.

If we are restricting it to the list then:
1. Song or Album: Whatever i’m listening to now, probably porcupine tree
2. Movie: The good the bad and the ugly
3. T.V. show: firefly
4. Food item: coffee
5. Clothing: a comfortable hoodie

Bonus: Friend: I’ll bring my childhood friend, he knows how to make shit like me and he is consistently good company. I’d be tempted to bring a lady but at first I would not want to leave but later I probably could not wait to get away.

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