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Would penguins let me huddle up with them on a cold winter night in the south pole?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24195points) March 31st, 2019
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Would it be warm enough if I was in the center?

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They do fall for fake penguins, so it could work if you wore a penguin costume.

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@ragingloli That is slander. Ya think we’d don’t know wheels from feet?

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You clearly do not.

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There are no penguins at the South Pole. To see a penguin you’ll have to travel from the south pole about 800 miles north to the coast.

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Probably not, go try it out and let us know. You can practise in your local zoo first.

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Let’s go directly to the source, our resident Penguin.

Hey, @janbb, is it ok if we huddle-up with you on a cold winter night in the south pole?

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Actually, penguins in the Antarctic don’t fear humans much. There are a few videos of penguins waddling towards a person who has no prior contact with them. In fact I saw them in one instance crowding so closely around a man he could not walk anywhere.

Being in the middle would be warmer, but not enough for a human to spend the night without plenty of warm clothing and or a good all weather sleeping bag.

When penguins huddle, they change positions repeatedly, so everyone gets a turn in the preferred spot.

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Not unless you resembled and egg, then they would rotate

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Many animals have no fear of us if they haven’t ever had contact with humans.

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Penguins and humans….....

Penguins appear to have no special fear of humans, and will approach groups of people without hesitation.

This is probably because penguins have no land predators in Antarctica or the nearby offshore islands.

Dogs preyed upon penguins while they were allowed in Antarctica during the age of early human exploration as sled dogs, but dogs have long since been banned from Antarctica.

Instead, adult penguins are at risk at sea from predators such as sharks, the orca, and the leopard seal.

****Typically, penguins do not approach closer than around 9 feet (3 meters) at which point they appear to become nervous.****

This is also the distance that Antarctic tourists are instructed to maintain between themselves and penguins: tourists are instructed not to approach closer than 9 feet, but need not withdraw if the penguins come closer.

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@all Thanks.

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