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Will you help me plan a meal with the following ingredients I have on hand?

Asked by Stache (4934points) April 2nd, 2019
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I have 3 large boneless chicken breasts.
3 large baking potatoes.
A bag of mixed greens.

I need to feed 2 couples. I also have various seasonings, butter, flour, chicken broth, shredded cheese, lime juice, bbq sauce, ranch dressing, sunflowers seeds, whole milk and eggs.

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Twice baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. If you make them twice baked you can melt the cheese on top under the broiler at the end to brown it a little, but watch is carefully, because under the broiler can burn fast. Another option is make the baked potatoes and scoop out the white for mashed potatoes and make potato skins also, but then it is a lot of potato dishes.

For the chicken, pound it a little, salt, and a little Adobe seasoning or garlic salt, and saute in a pan or grill pan. You can serve the BBQ sauce on the side for people who want it.

The greens I would just serve as is with some dressing choices if you have them in the fridge. You can add sliced tomatoes and cucumber if you have them. I’d put out the lime and olive oil also for a dressing choice.

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Any honey and soy sauce? If so, you can do Honey-Lime-Soy chicken. The recipe calls for thighs, but the breast would work well too. For presentation, sliced limes are nice…if you have them. You could also serve it on a bed of greens since the sauce/juice would be a great dressing. For the potatoes I would dice them fairly small, toss them in a little olive oil, spread them on a cooking sheet, season them with whatever you like…sea salt + light garlic powder + light onion powder is nice, and then roast them until they are golden brown. You may have to turn them halfway through cooking to get an even brown.

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You could almost make a chicken pot pie.

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Fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy (I am assuming you have milk.) Rick makes the BEST fried chicken. One of his secrets is he crushes saltine crackers up and mixes them in with his flour dredge. So good.
But I don’t know if you have any crackers.

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I assume you are ½ of one of the couples??

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If you want an appetizer you could do deviled eggs. I put just mayo and a touch of mustard with the yolk, and it always gets raves. You need quite a bit of mayo to smooth the yolk. Don’t add anything creative, more chance of a flavor someone doesn’t like. If you have paprika you can sprinkle that on the top. Or, you could slice the boiled egg in with the salad greens. I watch my cholesterol so eggs are practically taboo for me, so it depends on the people in the group.

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Make a chicken stew ( cube the chick or shred it ) it will go far.
Veggies can also be used in the stew. This will feed four or more people.
Depending on the greens that you have?

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He doesn’t have veggies., unless you count lettuce and spinach as “veggies.”
Also, he doesn’t need to feed a lot of people, only 4 for a pleasant dinner with friends.

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Great suggestions. Thank you! I think I’ll go with @JLeslie‘s idea and I especially like the idea of the deviled egg appetizer.

I really like your suggestion @seawulf575 but I don’t have any honey on hand. I will definitely try that another time. It sounds really good.

Actually, I’ll do the chicken as @JLeslie suggested and the potatoes that @seawulf575 suggested.

@kritiper You are correct.

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I add a touch of smoke sauce, sugar, and something tangy, like pickle juice or vinegar to my deviled eggs. Just a tiny bit of all that, though.
Could you send us pictures when it’s done?

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If you decide to try the chicken, here’s a recipe that is delicious.

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I like that honey lime recipe. I might try it next week.

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@Dutchess_III I caught this too late. Sorry. Maybe when I make @seawulf575‘s recipe. I finally have honey but now I don’t have chicken!

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