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What’s the best way to check the status of an application?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) April 13th, 2019
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I’ve been in office work for a few years. I thought it was what I wanted to do but it was really because I thought it was the safe route. Here I am graduating with an MBA soon paid by work but I have no desire to “climb the corporate ladder”. I’ve been thinking a long time how to get out and decided to explore my love of working with dogs.

Initially I was going to volunteer at the shelter part time to see how it goes. A former high school classmate is the head dog trainer at a large well known business nationally contacted me about a part time position since she knew I loved dogs. She asked if I was interested, my schedule is perfect for it, and no experience is needed. She told me to apply by sending a cover letter and email to the manager and I did.

It’s been over a week and I did not get any response, not even a receipt of acknowledgment. I called the place but it goes to voicemail, I’m assuming because they train dogs they only return calls. I’m afraid to leave a message only to not get an answer back. However, they’re very active on Facebook, I don’t know if it would be weird to message and ask through social media? I just want to know when they plan on filling or interviewing, see if I’m even being considered. I don’t want to bother my old hs mate with my questions. I just know they haven’t advertised the position so it’s not like they have a ton of resumes coming through.

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I would leave a voice mail inquiring what the status of the position you applied for is and ask them to kindly return your call. Personally, I would not message them on Facebook.

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You could call your friend that recommended you and ask her what she thinks…who to call or if to call.

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She didn’t necessarily recommend me but just told me about it and asked if I was interested. I think I’ll just try calling, leave a message, wait a few days and then follow up with my former HS mate.If still nothing then I’m moving on and not getting my hopes up thinking about it…

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I’d leave a voicemail saying you are following up to an email you sent on X date, and mention the name of the person who referred you and the position you were told about. Maybe write it out, and practice it a couple of times so it sounds succinct, and you say everything you want to.

Did you put in the subject line the position name and that you were referred by X?

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I put the job title in the subject line but I put in the e-mail/cover letter who referred me. Thanks!

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Well, at least I got a response. I left a voice message but they responded in the email it’s been filled. I think it was within a week and since it wasn’t advertised or announced, it was probably someone they already had in mind and knew. I guess I’ll just go back to my original plan and volunteer at the shelter for experience and for my own fulfillment to keep me busy. See where I want to go if I like it a lot.

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