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Who, in your opinion, is the greatest jazz pianist of all time?

Asked by lwyrnluv (38points) May 3rd, 2019
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There have been and continue to be dozens of amazing, gifted, and talented jazz pianists. But, just based on your own idiosyncratic criteria, which one is your favorite, and why?

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Based on purely personal taste, I’ll go with Bill Evans.

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Based on purely personal taste, I’ll go with George Winston. Or Dooley Wilson.

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Scott Joplin

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Art Tatum because of his imagination, improvisations.and hand speed.

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Oscar Peterson or Thelonius Monk.

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Greatest is an impossible choice. Favorite—currently Oscar Peterson. TW knows his stuff about Tatum.

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@stanleybmanly Two semesters of Jazz improvisation, at a major college, while in high school. I played upright bass.

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Duke Ellington

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And a shout out for Herbie Hancock….

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