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I need someone to tell me what is the name of a car part in a Jeep Cherokee.

Asked by Pandora (32257points) May 3rd, 2019
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Sorry I don’t have a photo to post on here. I want to see if I can order it on line. All the dealers near me are a half hours drive away. Okay, the the part I’m looking for is under the drivers side of the car in front of the wheel. It looks like a screwed on flap to the undercarriage. Somehow the flap tore off and now you can see to the coolant holder. Sorry for the non tech names. Anyway. I worry that small animals may find it a cozy place to enter and they may get hurt or damage the engine. It looks almost like the shape of a mud flap only it isn’t one. Seems it may be something that is easily removed to access that area of the engine.

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Go to the dealer and get the right part !

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I just don’t want to make an hour long trip to find out they don’t carry it. Its why I want to know what it is before hand and at least order the right part and then take it to the dealer if I can’t find the exact same part somewhere else. It’s just a plastic piece that screws in. The area around the flap is fine and the screw is even still there. Just missing the flap. We think it got tore off when we got stuck in mud a few months back.

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I believe you need someone who knows about such things to look at your car while you point to the area of the missing part. Is there a duplicate part on the passenger side? Can you get your phone in to photograph the area with the absent part? Apparently the missing part does not interfere with the Jeep’s operation. Is there a service station near you? Can you find a diagram or photo of your engine compartment online?

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@Pandora Once you get the part; what tools are going to use to install it.?

You’re right, the dealer will probably not have the part on the shelf. But they’ll have it in a day or two.

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Maybe with more information we can look online for the description.
What year and or model of Jeep Cherokee?
What is the model name? online specs will show design.
Here is a link to interior of Jeep Cherokee ..but what model?

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Found this to answer your question:
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I assume you mean this part is in front of the front wheel, under the left side of the vehicle. (All directions are taken from the driver’s side except direction of crankshaft rotation.)
It sounds like some kind of protective rubber flap to protect the bottom of the radiator. It might be better if you went to a wrecking yard for the part.

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Sounds like you lost the skid plate which is little more than a plastic cover these days. There is a lot of aftermarket “stuff” for cherokees so it should be easy to source online.

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