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How do I remove paint from a car?

Asked by iriemuffin (219points) August 25th, 2008
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I ran into a painted pole this afternoon. There was some paint transfer. How do I remove this without harming the car’s paint job? My truck is white, the paint yellow. Help! Trying to avoid a lecture from my husband :)

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This will take some work. The transfered paint will have to be removed by careful sanding with extremely fine sandpaper , about 2000 grit (your auto parts store may have this). This sanding should be done wet. Sand just enough to remove the transfered paint.

This will leave a dull finish where the paint was, but that can be brought back to a gloss by buffing the spot with rubbing compound (also available from the car parts store). a body shop would use a power buffer to make this easier, but it can be done by vigorous hand rubbing using an old t-shirt.

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Thanks for the info. I ended up telling him :) He wasn’t mad.

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I found an answer for this on another site that works amazing. Use Mr Clean MAgis Eraser. use light pressure and keep it damp and this does not remove the finish

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