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What is the verb form of daunting ?

Asked by feather3 (4points) May 31st, 2019
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daunting in verb form

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Past tense Daunted

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It does not have a verb form. It is an adjective or an adverb by adding “ly.”

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@Hawaii_Jake Incorrect.

From :

daunt verb
\ ˈdȯnt
, ˈdänt\
daunted; daunting; daunts

Definition of daunt:
transitive verb
: to lessen the courage of : cow, subdue

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Interesting. I also looked it up on Merriam-Webster and did not get that information.

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@Hawaii_Jake That is weird. Can you see in your search history what your search terms were?

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I just searched for the word, and clicked on M-W.

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Oh I think I see – so you searched for daunting and naturally just saw the entry for the adjective form, which doesn’t mention the verb form?

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Now that I try to remember, I can’t think of the precise search term I used.

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