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Why can't my PC connect to my Oontz Angle speaker?

I’ve connected before but it’s been a long time, like a year. So I know it used to connect. I just want to use it again now.

My PC recognizes the Oontz Angle and pairs with it. But then when I click “Connect” in order to actually use it, the message says, “That didn’t work. Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable, then try again.”

The speaker isn’t far at all from my computer, and nothing is obstructing it. I resorted to literally resting the speaker on top of the computer to see if the distance was the issue but it’s still not connecting. I’ve restarted my PC multiple times. I’ve unpaired the speaker and paired it again multiple times.

I tested connecting the speaker to my Samsung phone and it works perfectly. I don’t get why Windows 10 suddenly can’t connect to it now.

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