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What comic book are you reading right now?

Asked by Caravanfan (13387points) June 20th, 2019
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I’ve recently been on a Batman binge. I read through Tynion’s run of Detective Comics, which was good. I read White Knight, which is about the Joker becoming sane, and that was better than Tynion’s Detective Comics. And now I’m reading through Tom King’s run of Batman—and that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever read, next to King’s other work Sheriff of Babylon.

Sheriff of Babylon is about a mercenary US soldier who is training an Iraqi police force after the Iraq war. One of the police officers is murdered and nobody gives a shit except for him, a politician, and a corrupt police captain. It’s stunningly good.

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I’m not. But if I was it would be Garfield. Or the Farside.

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John Constantine written by Ennis.
Moore’s Swamp Thing.

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I just got last week a Dilbert book. “Your new job title is accomplice”.

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I haven’t read any new comics for a bit, but I am excited to get the new Frank Miller “Superman: Year One”.

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The New York Times. It’s a tragicomic book, you might say.

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@filmfann I’m looking forward to that also.
@mazingerz88 Ennis is a really good writer, but after reading a few of the Preachers I was a bit disturbed. I like Constantine, though.

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^^ Haven’t checked Preacher books out yet. Saw one episode of the show. Didn’t make enough good impression for me to continue. Wish there will be a Constantine movie or TV series featuring Ennis’ Constantine character and all his blood and gore tales. Lol

Ennis’ writing reminds me of playwright MacDonagh’s gritty writing for some reason. Irish connection? :)

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I’ve been reading “Bone” for the first time. Brilliant

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@rockfan OMG Bone is great.

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Read News Week in the doctor’s office a couple days ago.

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I don’t read comic books.

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@mazingerz88 I couldn’t get through Preacher either, either the comic book or the show. It was just too graphically violent for me which is saying a lot.

@filmfann Here is an article I came across about Miller’s Superman Year One

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