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Do you feel that individual singers or groups should keep concert prices at something reasonable, or do you think they should charge what the market will bear?

Concert tickets for famous groups have such high prices, many people can’t afford or won’t pay the price to go.

It’s not unusual for a rock concert to cost several hundred dollars per ticket. Ten years ago a ticket might have been $150, now $300 is more the norm. Rolling Stones are going to cost in the area of $500 for a floor seat. I wouldn’t pay that much, even though I love the Stones and they might not be around much longer.

In the 1980’s, a concert used to cost about $12 per ticket. When you weigh that with inflation, concert ticket prices have skyrocketed in a way that is not in line with the economy.

I can’t or won’t pay for what a concert costs, and a lot of people I know say they are not willing to pay those prices either.

Do you think rock groups (or individual singers) should try to keep concert prices lower or do you think they should charge whatever the market will bear? Of course they have the right to charge whatever they want – this isn’t a question about their rights.

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