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When you have a dream, and food is involved, do you have the experience of tasting it?

Asked by Kardamom (32120points) August 1st, 2019
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My dreams are all over the map, they are random and don’t seem to make any sense, nor do they follow a story-line. They are usually pretty vivid, but I usually don’t remember them for very long after I wake up. Because of this, I had never really considered whether or not I have had the “sensation” of tasting food or drink in my dreams. That is until a few nights ago. In this dream I was offered a glass of mineral water, and I could vividly “taste” it. Not that it tasted like something else, it’s just that it was clearly the exact flavor of mineral water.

I don’t recall ever having had that experience with dreaming before, which seems kind of odd for me, considering my penchant for food, lol.

I was wondering whether other people generally have the sensation of “tasting” food in their dreams, or not.

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Wow. New for me.
Was it tasty?

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I’ve read you can’t experience physical pain or the sensation of taste in dreams. Personally I’ve experienced both though… My dreams are also very vivid and crazy, they very rarely have a “storyline” lol.

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@Patty_Melt Yeah, it was tasty. The odd thing is that I have not had any mineral water in years. Now I may have to go and buy me a bottle of that yummy Gerolsteiner mineral water.

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Yes. you can definitely feel pain and experience taste and smell in dreams. Sometimes, actual pain and smells and even sounds in the real world will work their way into your dreams.

Dreams can be extremely detailed in the tiniest measures with taste, smell, subleties of sounds. Some of the combinations do not even make sense when awakening, such as seeing stars spinning, or trying to write down a name that has unfigurably transposed letters, or see a solution to a problem involving science or mathematics or cooking. Sometimes the solutions are not valid in the waking world. But sometimes, solutions that have been sought for weeks in real life will reveal themselves in a dream.

Somewhere, I heard that Paul McCartney heard the song “Yesterday”—first he dreamed that The Rolling Stones came out with it. It was really popular in the dream, and Paul McCartney wished The Beatles could have done it. When he awoke, he wrote the song down.

Taste is definitely experienced in dreams. But I’ve had experiences where I was holding the food but to my face and mouth, it were as if it didn’t exist and sorta passed right through and I could’t eat it.

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I think so. I’ll have to pay attention next time it happens.

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You can get any kind of experience in your dreams. Dreams are created by spirits. Spirits are separate elements. (A human being doesn’t have a spiritual body.) A human being during his/her lifetime is living with many spirits which have joined one by one since birth. They are knowledge, skills, feelings, emotions, interests and everything. Even thoughts are not your own. For example, when you want to take a decision on a subject, one after another the spirits think and you just listen, choose or reject the ideas which they transmit to your mind through your brain in the form of thoughts. Brain is just a media to connect the spirits to your mind. A mind is just a computer’s mind. After the destruction of a computer completely you will not get it’s mind. The same is the case with the human beings. Soul is nothing but an energy needed for the functionality of a body. It is not a spirit or anything else. After death all spirits which accompanied a person quit and go to different places searching new bodies. No one lives in any form after death. All human beings are just robots made of flesh and bones and toys of the spirits for their games.

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No they aren’t.

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Oh this tops our vampires!

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I have dreams of bbq beef ribs and egg nog. I can taste it

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I’ve never had dreams about food. I know that I can’t feel anything physically when I’m dreaming.

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I have some kind of disorder where I sometimes smell strongly of maple syrup. Thankfully its maple syrup and not worse things I could have. No doctor has been able to diagnose it as anything,

Anyhow, when this occurs while I’m sleeping, I often dream of eating waffles. I can smell and taste, but when I awaken I realize this anomaly has merely worked its way into my dream.

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When my kids were little and they wet the bed, it smelled of maple syrup….

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I wet the bed until late in life. Some medicine called Desmopresson or something would cure the problem temporarily, like up to a week. I still have a current prescription for oxybutnin.

I’ve never known anyone else to have the urine/bedwetting maple syrup disorder. But that’s where it started for me.

Becoming a camp counselor gave me the extra ‘incentive’ that ended my bedwetting problem. If you wet the bed as a camp counselor the kids will do you in and the director will send you packing. So that gave my subconscious mind the incentive to stop. But yes, I was a maple-syrup bedwetter for well into my coming of age years.

But this is more of a body chemistry thing with the manufacture of maple syrup essential oils,.And some nights, it worked into my dreams of eating waffles while waiting for the warm schoolbus, in the snow, hours before the morning light,

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