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Can someone help me with a Windows hard drive question?

I have a desktop computer, several years old, with a 256GB SSD C drive as a boot drive and a 2 TB drive D drive as a secondary drive. They’re full. I also have backup E and F drives

The computer has 3 users. The user desktops are assigned to the C drive. Documents folders are assigned to the D drive. Also, I have archival data on the E,F drives.

I want to switch out my internal 2 TB hard drive to something bigger, like an 8 TB internal hard drive. Moving the data to the hard drive I can do, and I can organize it.

My issue is my wife’s desktop which is on the C drive (the 256ssd). Despite many years of trying, she hasn’t been able to grok the concept of folders, and she dumps everything on the desktop

What I want to do is after I switch out the D drive to the bigger drive and then reassign the users and desktops also to the D drive, leaving the SSD C drive to just the boot drive.

Is this easy to do? Or should I just build a new computer?

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