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When was the last time you played baseball or softball? How many times did you get "OUT" and in what ways?

Asked by haroldest (4points) August 26th, 2019
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How many times did someone in the fielding team get you “OUT” the last time you played baseball or softball? What did they to do get you “OUT”? What was the farthest base you got to?

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About 40 years ago. I struck out once, flied out to left once.

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Thirty years ago, slow pitch softball. We used to have a “pick-up” games after work in the Summer. I’d go many games without them getting me out. I was usually the first one picked.
I batted lefty, one field we played at had a very short right field (the one I would hit into). They would made me bat right handed, didn’t make a difference I still sent the ball over the center-field fence.

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About ten years ago. Thrown out at first base on a blooper I hit into short right field.

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Grade school. Didn’t much care how many times I got “OUT” then. Don’t remember or care now, but I’m pretty sure the number was very close to the number of times I was at bat.

I’ve never played hardball, and only some softball in grade school. Generally it was hard to hit the ball anyplace that was considered in bounds, but that also would not be able to be retrieved and used to get people out. Usually I’d be tagged out at some point, because although I was the fastest sprinter in my class, my ability (and interest) to judge how many bases I could run without being caught up by the thrown ball, was not great.

If I recall correctly, after being OUT from trying to run more than one base a few times, I would end up just running one most of the time, which wasn’t very interesting because all I could do is run as fast as I could to the next base, and that just either would or would not be faster than the defenders or not, mostly also not based on much under my control.

In lower grades we played a lot of kickball though, and that I kind of liked because I could really blast the ball big soft rubber ball, often blasting one of the defenders with it, and causing a lot of chaos on the defending team, or at least getting to do something cathartic for a moment.

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I got thrown “OUT” 50 million times because I played a LOT. I also hit “HOME RUNS” 50 million times.

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Elementary school and I recall very little about it. I never held the bat. SO athletic.

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Usually I got out by failing to make contact with the ball.

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