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Would it help therapists or young students to have a couple financial knowledge credits?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24459points) August 30th, 2019
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Seeing that most relationship and life events could be helped with financial advice? According to the Canadian relationship therapist Gail Vaz Oxlade? Til debt for us part

Gail says that most relationship problems are due to money problems.

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It should help anyone running the risk of future indigence, such risks in actuality being so pronounced that if announced aloud, the overwhelming majority of this nation’s population would be justifiably terrified!!!

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The first step in therapy is often called “checkbook therapy”, because each session must be paid for at the start of the appointment.

But it isn’t financial illiteracy that causes relationship issues as much as it is each person’s relationship to money and how it works in their life. So no, your idea would not be a shortcut to faster therapy.

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Financial responsibility is not big on the education list. If it was, many students wouldn’t go asshole deep in debt to get that degree and the colleges and universities wouldn’t get as much money.

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