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Had anyone seen the movie Carnival Row and what book was it based on?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13892points) September 9th, 2019
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What did you think of it?

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It isn’t a film but a television series made for Amazon Prime.

According to Wikipedia, it is ’‘is based on a feature film spec script written by Beacham, entitled A Killing on Carnival Row.’’

I’ve watched a few episodes of the series.

I think it’s not bad, which these days is pretty high praise from me (as I loathe how stupid and lazy the writing is in so many other modern productions). It’s actually not stupid.

It has a very detailed somewhat atypical (but borrowing many conventions and remixing them) fantasy setting that seems pretty well developed. Some of the events seem too convenient for my tastes, but managed to not reach my (very sensitive) threshold for getting upset at nonsense. The production values (sets, costumes, effects) are very high. Pretty good performances.

However I might not watch any more unless I run out of things to watch, just because the flavor of the fantasy world, and the personality of so many characters, and the situations, aren’t really to my personal tastes/interests. But I’d put that down more to my preference. In general it seems really well done.

I like it better than Penny Dreadful, which to me has some similarities.

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I came to tell you that it’s a script developed for an Amazon Prime series , but @Zaku beat me to the punch. I haven’t seen it yet, but might check it out. Orlando and Cara are easy on the eyes :)

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I’ve been watching. It’s pretty good. The story seems like one I’ve seen a ,ot, but you never know where it will go. The production is great as is the world building.

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It’s on my watch list. I’m looking forward to it.

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Seen two episodes. Writing sucks! And I love fantasy stuff. So there’s a book? Might check that out one day.

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@mazingerz88 There is no book as of today!!!

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^^Oh ok thanks. The world they built so far doesn’t seem to interest me for some reason. The conflict which comes across as racial in nature and expressed through wars….with winged characters to make people think it’s something fresh? I have a feeling you take away those wings and it wouldn’t affect the story. Based on only two episodes so I maybe wrong. Lol

I really enjoyed Cara in that Besson film. Might buy me a copy.

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