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Since dreams that have rope in them indicate a strong connection to something, could it mean that the guy holding the rope in the dream is what I have a strong connection to?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) September 13th, 2019
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A guy I like but I have never met in person was in my dream and he was holding rope in his hand. Also, this guy is not even aware of my existence.

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Dreams don’t mean anything

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Depends on the feeling that you got from viewing him holding a rope?
Also how he was holding the rope makes a difference.
Dreams do have meaning that the mind creates in symbolism for those that don’t want direct blunt answers.
A man holding a rope in real life is not disturbing if he is on a ranch etc
But not on a ranch setting would make one wonder “what the heck” scenario.
Can mean so much variance in dream dictionaries but the main thing is “what you felt”?
Its your subconscious interpreting your feelings on the situations. Go from there.

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So if the rope was like balled up…
I’d rather not say what I felt because of… reasons.

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You will probably get better answers to a question like this on a dream interpretation site.

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Check out a variety of dream interpretation sites.
The fact that you described “Balled Up” like a knot or something?
Could mean a lot of things from communication blocked or feeling in knots to weighty issues?

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May I ask. Did the OP hear about what the rope indicated, before, or after the dream?

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No, not like in knots… It was just a bunch of rope kind of in a pile, I guess.

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The rope could mean that you feel a strong connection to the man at the other end, and it could be positive. Or it could indicate an unwanted connection to that man, or any man. Whether the dream had a positive or negative feel would be the clue.

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The knots, or piles, could represent the reality of the situation. A mess. A forever tangled bunch of rope, with no hope of untying/straitening it out.

Or. It could mean nothing at all. Dreams, are very odd… And I personally don’t believe that every dream, has a meaning…

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