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Do you know more than you don't know?

Asked by hmmmmmm (6865points) October 4th, 2019
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Do you believe that you know more than you don’t know? Do you navigate life with this belief in mind? Is your operating assumption that in most situations, you know more than you don’t know? How does that manifest?

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No, I wouldn’t think it either. ;)

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I don’t know
Check that shit out, absolute genius answer!

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I certainly hope not. We’re all in a lot of trouble if I do. (For life in general.)

I work in mental health and assume that I don’t know all the facts in almost every situation I engage in. I always have to do some fact finding or hear the other side of the story.

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Think of all the fields of human knowledge, where you do not even rise to the level of layman.
Not to mention all the discoveries in science and technology that humanity has yet to discover or even dream of.
So, no.

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I think I know more than I don’t know about what I need to know if that makes any sense and there is always the Internet.

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I don’t know? I am hoping to be called a polymath. While it is still useful. I can just Wikipedia what I need.

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@flutherother hit it. If you know where to find resource information, you know as much as you need to.

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How would I know?

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Hell no.
Half of what I know, I don’t know anymore.

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No. When I think of all there is to know I start to feel dizzy – special fields, life experiences I never had, the wisdom animals have, and then all the things nobody knows.

It’s a good feeling. I’m grateful that there is so much to discover.

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Even if you put all the the jeapordy winners’ (and others like them) knowledge is nothing compared to what people don’t know.

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…By the way don’t know what we don’t know.

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Does one know more about what one cares to know about other than what one doesn’t care to know about? I do!

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I know that I don’t know list:
Programming in Java and C++, Python and HTML.
Redox chemistry.
What its like to speed in a sports car.
What it is like to go on all of the scary rides in the carnival.
To be able to speak and read languages other than English and slight French.
To live though a hurricane.
To be homeless longer than two weeks.
To be married.
The rest Is what I don’t know, what I don’t know. Excluding NSFW answers.

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I feel sure there is much more I don’t know than I know.

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