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Do you ever watch The Professor, on YouTube?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18485points) October 26th, 2019
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He was a part of a group, called “And 1.” Years ago.
You could compare them, with the Harlem Globetoters…

They played unorthodox basketball, and were VERY good. Often, they would challenge a local street team.

The Professor, now travels the world, and plays anyone.

He’s mainly known for his “handles,” or dribbling.

He’s astonishing.

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I had never heard of him, so off to youtube I go. He is talented but it takes a lot of egos to make him look brilliant!!!

I was able to see the Harlem Globtrotters live when I was a small child & they fascinated me until I got older & could more readily see their slight of hand. Still I MUST give both parties involved that there is NO way I could do any better!!!

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It’s fascinating. The abilities, he has. And he’ll play ANYBODY. He’s just an average sized white guy. But he has amazing skills. If anyone has any interest in basketball, I highly recommend it.

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I just did. He’s fun to watch.
I am envious of his reflexes.

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Yeah, he’s very athletic. And a really nice guy…

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@MrGrimm888 -Have you played against hm?

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Oh, no. I’ve played guys, close to his athleticism, but at 6’5, I have no chance. I used to play a lot of one on one, or different types of half court. I played Center, and Power Forward, I’m full court, when I was a teenager, and sometimes into my late 20’s. Bit he’s on a completely different level, than me, in that sport.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be just as dominant over him, in a hand to hand fight. People’s skill sets, transfer to different sports. He could make me look like a fool, on the court. I could knock him out, or kill him, with several blows.

I’ve actually fought some squirrely guys, like him. It’s not easy. But of just grab their shirt, twist to hold, and land 1–4 blows, and they’re done for.

I was decent, at half court basketball, in my teens, and could dunk two handed. But, I also played what we call.“prison ball.” Cross me over a few times, and I would catch them in the temple, with an elbow. That evened the game, but was admittedly cheating.

I played a two on two match, once, with a friend of mine, against two small black girls. They killed us. We played three games to 21, and I think my partner and I, only scored like 12 points, from all three games…

I play under the rim, and am very physical. I didn’t play dirty with them. But they still would have kicked our assess…

I was always a football, boxing, or basketball player. I had no hope against smaller, more agile players, on non-contact sports.

I’d play the Professor, right now. But I’d get killed…

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