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What are some good uses for silkspan?

Asked by josie (30934points) October 28th, 2019
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I found a whole roll of silkspan in my basement, left over from when I built a model airplane. Hate to just throw it out. Any other uses for it? I’m really not into model airplanes it turns out.

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I am not familiar with silk span but I imagine it to be a refined version of the stuff I have (woven fiberglass fabric) except silk fibers,
I will use mine to patch my canoe if it’s not seaworthy.It is strong stuff.
As for yours I wonder how strong it is? Maybe you can coat that OSB you bought for your shelves….

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Make a room divider?

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@rebbel -Like a folding screen? I wonder if this stuff is translucent? That might be interesting.
Could it be formed like mica is for lampshades? Does it take a water based paint?
I might use it for panels to paint on. I like smooth surfaces to paint on as opposed to rough canvas that I have to prime the hell out if.
If you do use it to mold things,what can you use as a release agent?Could it be used for papier mache? Unbreakable pinata for those times you don’t want your friends to ever leave the party?? XD

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Its like tissue paper, except it has some silk fibers in it so it doesn’t tear so easily. You stretch it over the airplane wings and fuselage and then paint over it with the most toxic stuff on earth that they call “dope”. When the model airplane crashes, it still tears.

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@josie – Stretches too? How cool!
So it could be stretched over a frame like a canvas. You need to try that, then get to painting.

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This sounds pretty neat. Now I want to go out and buy some silkspan just to mess around with!

I would personally make some kind of structure using balsa. Cover it with the silkspan. And see how it takes to watercolor.

Would definitely try to stretch it out like a canvas as @lucillelucillelucille suggested too.

Since you’re asking about making shelving on another question, you seem to be leaning towards functional. What about a lamp?

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You glue it tight over the framework, then spray it with alcohol and water and as it dries it sort of shrinks and gets tight. I’ve only done it once. I’m not an expert.

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@josie – That sounds perfect to paint on. I wonder how it would take acrylic paint rather than oil based? What does the alcohol do?
It’s not coated with anything is it?
Here is some inspiration:

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The alcohol just speeds up the evaporation of the water. If you blow a hair dryer on it, it dries faster yet.

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You should try it out.

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@josie – I think I might. :)

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