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Does anyone else have this dream? What does it mean?

Asked by ragingloli (49001points) November 4th, 2019
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The dream is this:
You are living at the top of a tower, the only way up is a decrepit staircase that is already partially collapsed, and you are trying to get to the top by either trying to jump the gaps, or brachiate using the flimsy handrails. Down below is an endless abyss.

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Sounds like having to renew your drivers license where I live. That is a nightmare not a dream.

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It means you live with too many cats, and you feel a need to escape, but you can’t bear to part with a single one.

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You’ve gotten where you are from bravery and hard work, and in spite of the chaos going on all around you.

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Are you in the abyss now?
Or on the first landing of the stairs?

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She’s fighting his way out.

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Social mobility.

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It means you’re preggers, man.

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It means that you will do anything to avoid going to Home Depot.

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Life is a bitch and it seems to be getting worse. And what’s more, you can’t go back!

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It’s time to admit you’re not much good at DIY. Call a professional tradesman.

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late-stage capitalism

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In dream symbolism, this is a death experience.
You are choosing between the chasm of Hell and the challenges to ascend.
Either that, or you ate a bit of underdone potato.

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I’ve had terrible climbing dreams sort of like that except for the climbing part. I have ideas what it meant or would mean for me, but what your dream means for you could be quite different.

If it were my dream, I might think it had to do with feelings I had about the difficulty I was having with some task that seemed necessary but dangerous, and like something i felt alone about.

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What was the emotion you felt in the dream and name the kid after me.

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Nah, I did dream about climbing a tower using rapunzel’s hair to pull myself up.
Turned out to be a wig & so it & I fell off, she looked cute bald though…kinda.

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My interpetation:
One is trying for a goal ( the High tower ).
One has to go through a lot of obstacles to reach it successfully.
Failing to reach your goal is failing (like falling in an abyss).

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I heard once that the higher in a building you go, the higher you’re reaching into your consciousness. The lower, the lower you’re reaching into your base instincts.

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