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What does my number mean to you (and yours to the next Jelly)

Asked by rebbel (35547points) November 10th, 2019
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We all have numbers that are significant to us.
My number 20 is connected to my birth address, but it probably is connected to something completely different to you (or another Jelly).
So I will start with saying my number (for example, the 20), and what it means to me/what it is connected to.
You can tell us what it (20) is to you (for example, the amount of children you have).
Plus you keep it rolling with giving us a number that is significant to you.
To which the next Jelly can answer (and subsequently give their number).
I hope that’s clear…

I’ll start.
14, the number on the shirt of a Dutch soccer player, Cruyff.

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14-the number of times I read the question details.Lol
11-because this one goes to it.actually I like the symmetry

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11 – The number on the jersey of my favorite brother and the number I used for my jersey in playing softball.

5 – My favorite number and the day of my birth.

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@lucillelucillelucille I applaude you for your understanding, and for responding in a way that it (hopefully) is clear to other Jellies!

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@rebbel Thanks and I applaud you 7.56 times!

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5 Gold rings…well It’s nearly xmas.
66 – The year of my birth & the year England last won the football World Cup.

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66 – - Route 66 to the Pacific Ocean starts in Chicago been on Route 66 several times.

13 my lucky number

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3. In our old house in Wichita we had an alarm system. My sister asked me for the code. I said, “OK. Remember this. We had 3 kids in our family. I have 3 kids now. 3 is very, very important. 3 is not in the code. The code is 1245.”

13 is a cool prime number.

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@Dutchess_III Way to break the game….. :-)
Your cue was 13.
After you answered with what 13 is to you you can say your number 3, for the next Jelly.

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3— the number of times I’ve had my rights read to me. ;-)


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Oh shit! I’m sorry! I’m baking bread and the smell is distracting me. Not my fault!~

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93.000.000: the number of Joules of energy one kilo would yield, were you using the formula e=mc^2.

6: the average score of my high school exams.

It’s all okay, @Dutchess_III

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6: the number of feet my height used to be.


@Dutchess_III May I suggest that you use less cannabis in your dough? ;-)

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29723: My IQ
13: Mine & my daughters birthdate (yeah It’s been but is my only other significant number)

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13: the age when I became a teenager.

69. It’s a vertical palindrome, which has such a profound impact on my life.

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69’s rotational symmetry is reminiscent of spitting images.

π is a number in my fave formula

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That means nothing to me other than what it is.

I like the number 33. I can’t begin to tell you why but when I need to pick a random number for anything, it’s going to be 33.

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33: I think that’s a movie?

23: Favorite number because my older sister told me it was the most reoccurring number. And as a kid, I found that totally fascinating.

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@raum Yes, there is a film called The 33. I didn’t know that.

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23: My age when the first Earth Day was celebrated.

646: The elevation of my residence.

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@Sagacious I didn’t remember either. Had to google if just now. Interesting story. Not the best ratings though.

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You are just a bit inland; my elevation is 9. @Brian1946

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