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In your eyes, who is the best, and the worst, stand up comedian?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) November 19th, 2019
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Be they from the UK or the US.
Any other region of the world is okay too, but they’ll probably be not that well known globally.

Like: Kevin Bridges (I need subtitles)
Dislike: Russell Howard (I smiled once, I remember)

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Dead or alive?

Worst dead one = Rodney Dangerfield

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@elbanditoroso The bad ones are dead to me ~

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I second Rodney Dangerfield

Best…that’s a hard one. Is Kevin Hart stand up? Or Martin Lawrence?

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I like a lot of them. Jim Gaffigan,Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock,Steven Wright and George Carlin come to mind.
I’m not crazy about Amy Schumer

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@lucillelucillelucille Schumer was better, I think, when she was younger. She’s gotten sort of bitter and jaded now.

George Carlin was great in his day. And Ellen DeGeneres too, before success got to her head.

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@elbanditoroso -I forgot about Ellen. I still think she’s funny. As for bitter, George Carlin seemed a bit that way too towards the end, but still funny to me.

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Worst a tie between David Letterman and Craig Ferguson
Best a tie between Gabriel Iglesias fluffy and Jay Leno

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Frankie Boyle
Peter Kay
Lee Evans
Ricky Gervais
Billy Connolly
Sarah Millican


Jimmy Carr

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Then Don Rickles later on Robin Williams. As far as a lady I would nominate Tina Fey. She is a legend in her own time as a comedian and as a writer and I might just give her one of the funniest comedians ever.

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Charlyne Yi
For both. I loved her on House, and most of her live stuff, but she has also experimented with stuff that leaves me flat.

I hate hate hate Seinfeld. Ew what’s that about.

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Richard Prior

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Best is too broad a characterization for a meaningful answer. I believe the most insightful standup comic is Dave Chappelle when it comes to social issues. Both he and Amy Schumer have a glaring brilliance regarding the analysis then interpretation of the human condition. They are extraordinary to the point of genuine genius.

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@stanleybmanly I agree with Dave Chappelle

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This is a crucial question to which we should really pay attention because it is about people who effectively think out loud for a living. Now, when you consider the enormous sway these people have on our current society, the question becomes why the all but unanimous and pitiless derision of virtually the entire collective against our other king of comedy notorious for running his mouth for a living.

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I’ll go with the living:

Worst- Jeff Dunham

Best- Jim Jefferies

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Best: Dan Cummins

Worst: Pauly Shore

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I quite enjoy Miles Jupp

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I have found Chris Rock to be very funny.

As for the worst, I haven’t seen that many and if watching TV and it’s bad, I change the channel.

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Ricky Gervais almost made me spit milk, and piddle my drawers, and cry. I would say he is the best.

I never cared for Don Rickles type of humor. It seemed mean spirited.

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Richard Lewis
Robert Klein
Jerry Seinfeld
Don Rickles
Jeff Foxworthy

Andy Kaufman
Steve Martin
Robin Williams
Eddie Murphy
Sam Kinison
Lenny Bruce
George Carlin

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Eddie Murphy is the total package.
He and Jimmy Fallon both nail it acting, singing, and comedy.

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OMG. I can’t believe I forgot Steve Martin and Martin Short. They’re a team so they count as 1. They are hilarious!
Eddie Murphy can’t sing!

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