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Why can't I retain information?

Asked by MaisyS (716points) November 23rd, 2019
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I have a good memory; or at least I think so. I am a straight A student. Or at least I used to be. This time maybe I’ll have to be happy with Cs. I have to sit my O levels in June and we have our first mock examination on Monday.
I have been studying hard for it throughout the semester. I thought it would be easy and went into my coursework with high hopes since I had reviewed a majority of it beforehand.
I have been studying all day yesterday and today. I have to study all day tomorrow. The exam as I said is on Monday. I know absolutely nothing. I simply cannot retain any information. This has happened to me before. But not at this level. I simply cannot remember anything.
Everything I learned yesterday has disappeared from my mind. Same for anything I have studied today. And I study well. I make recordings of myself essentially teaching myself beforehand. I memorise from summarised notes, and then read the textbook multiple times too. I take small breaks in between topics to refresh my mind. I keep hydrated. I use memory tactics and make acronyms.
NOTHING is working today. Could this just be due to stress? Shall I just keep plugging through my coursework and hope for the best? Or is there something I can do?

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Stress was the first thing I thought but that is just a guess.
Maybe if you get out for a walk or exercise it might relieve some of that.Meditation might be something for you to try as well. There are tons of guided meditations on YouTube.
Good luck :)

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I don’t know specifically what you are trying to remember, but it helps to relate to one another the different things you are trying to remember. For math, it helps to solve some problems using the techniques you are trying to memorize. It would help us if you gave examples of the type of things you are studying.

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What you learned before is in long term memory and will last.
Short term memory will not last especially combined with stress and worry.
Best NOT to try and learn now, but rely on what you had already processed over the long haul.
What you know will come back when needed.
Best to rest and take it easy, go out for a nice long walk and have trust that all will work out.
Cramming just before is counterproductive.

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Thank you so much for your responses :) and to those who think this might help you answer better I’m doing religious studies.

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One can’t force learning what one doesn’t want to learn. I would drop the classes that one is having problems. Unless it is a requirement I would focus on the classes that one enjoys and bump up your average in them. University, college and high school should be enjoyable. I would ask a teacher or guidance councilor for help.

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Go outside and take a walk. Eat a lot of protein (eggs are best) and try again.

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If you find the topic boring, you may have trouble with it.

If you have other stressors in your life, you may have trouble retaining what you learned.

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