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Do people make mistakes?

Asked by luigirovatti (2297points) December 1st, 2019
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People have a dream, or dreams, and to achieve that/those, they must never make mistakes, at least, true mistakes. “Secondary” mistakes can be considered, like, progress, just progress, nothing else. And anyway, to me, the very presence and conclusion of the mistakes is just faulty logic postulated on imperfect data collection. What if we are able to catch only people who make mistakes? Because the very fact that someone makes mistakes, proves, that we are able to catch only the people who make mistakes. Even apparent mistakes can conceal a bigger challenge, but also, a bigger picture.

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It’s only a mistake if you choose to look at it that way. If you have a dream of some sort, and then something happens that forces you to go in a different direction, it doesn’t mean you made a mistake. Maybe you chose A instead of B, and now your dream has been put off, or you are forced to go in a different direction altogether.

Every time you have a breakdown new opportunities occur, and the new opportunities might offer even a better option than the original plan. No matter how difficult it is, there are always more opportunities.

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I tend to make happy accidents.

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I look at life as a meandering path. Every leg you take on the path will take you to different possibilities, different challenges, all with disadvantages and advantages.

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Yes. “To err is human.” And mankind will wait, like always, until it’s too late to try to do anything to stop trouble, like humanity’s continuing push to populate the planet.

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To err is to be human.

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This perfect person you posit ultimately would have had to practice and train to achieve this perfect ability and that undoubtedly would mean this person made a ton of mistakes towards perfecting their talent. Then our analysis of the data is predisposed to fall all apart when the data that was collected was faulty from the start. Then what?

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My mom always told me that the only mistake that people make in life is not learning from their mistake. As long as you learn where you erred then you can move forward knowing that’s one mistake you won’t make again

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Yes very harmful mistakes happen.

I worked as a Medical Technologist in hospital labs for 38 years. There was no tolerance for the smallest mistake. All mistakes were written up in reports. Even near mistakes were recorded. People were immediately terminated for mistakes like miss-labeling a patient specimen. Also lab workers were given poor yearly evaluation report for as little as 3 mistakes (or “near misses”) even when the mistakes had no negative impact on patient results or patient care.

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I neber do.

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Well, I make mistakes often, but I also learn cool new things that I wouldn’t have learned without making the mistake.

@gondwanalon I can understand that!

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What if we are able to catch only people who make mistakes?

The proposition that some people never make mistakes is just a circular word game, defining mistakes as something that successful people do not commit.

Demanding no mistakes and punishing every error is a hallmark of horrible bosses many of us have known. They don’t last long and they don’t succeed. It can only be sustained with a steady supply of new employees as fodder. Think of bad jobs in telemarketing with extreme high turnover.

The extreme example would be dictatorships and slave economies. They might produce wealth and comfort for a small elite, but they aren’t successful societies when measured by the quality of life for the masses.

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@Call_Me_Jay: Not to butt in (I rather enjoy your responses), but dictatorships aren’t the only ones with extremes examples of not-making-mistakes people. Think, for example, of serial killers never identified.

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@luigirovatti They might throw their car keys in the waste bin per accident, though.
Or come home with half the groceries they were planning to get.
Or mistake the sister of their next murder victim for their sister.

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@ucme nailed it….

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To strive never to make a mistake would require never taking any risks, making for a rather dull existence.

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Obviously, being a human being everyone make mistake in their life. No one in this world is perfect and mistakes are a way that an individual gets a chance to learn many things in his/her life.

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We all sure do, it simply apart of being human, we aren’t perfect, and we all aren’t machines. Nothing wrong with learning from those mistakes either. Some kids are raised by perfectionist, sadly those kids are the ones who are most affected by making mistakes, like I said, nothing wrong with that. Take those lemons, and make Lemonade !!!!

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