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I'm off to bed as It's way past midnight here, what should I dream about?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 5th, 2019
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Any suggestions welcome, my eyes will close in around 15 minutes…play nice!

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@LadyMarissa Haha, behave yourself madam :D

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I’d ask that you stop dreaming about work and me, and no more telepathic dreaming please.

Don’t think about anything, wait for the shapes will take you where you’re meant to be.

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Lollipops and puppies! (Tell Buddy Cheers!)
She’s being naughty, isnt she? What what!

@LadyM Just innocent banter, he’s a cheeky monkey.

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Focus on flying, or breathing underwater. Lucid dreaming, is the shit. It takes concentration, and something I can’t describe. But, you can do it. And when you do…....... It’s indescribable…..

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A nun, three midgets, a walrus, and a tub full of jello.

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Alarm clocks.
To be certain you remember your dream, eat a dill pickle before turning in.

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About getting jiggy with Boris Johnson.

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@KNOWITALL Buddy wagged his tail & I’m sure he gave a little wink lol
Absospiffinglutely she’s being dashed naughty, jolly hockey sticks & all that!

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@lucillelucillelucille Hmmmm…okay :D
@MrGrimm888 Your answer came too late as I would have been asleep already, but that’s very interesting, may try it tonight big fella.
@cookieman I asked for dream suggestions not a list of who is currently in the chat room!

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@ucme I WAS behaving. I initially wrote more but decided it was XXX-rated so I modified my thoughts!!!

@KNOWITALL Is he not allowed to be a cheeky monkey in his dreams???
My Mom always told me that those who protest too much are usually the guilty party!!!

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@LadyMarissa I’m not sure if he’s allowed, we’d need to ask his lovely wife whom he adores. But since she married him, I assume she knows he’s a cheeky monkey far better than any of us here….bless her heart. :)

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@KNOWITALL Bravo mate, you tell them!
I smell toxicity in the air, a definite aroma of salty bullshit :D

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@ucme: potāto potato

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@cookieman No, you’ve lost me :D

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Lucid dreaming, is amazing. It’s like you have two lives. And you’re invincible. I don’t have any monster, or person, in my dreams, I can’t deal.with. They try. I have wings, a two headed tail (kinda like a dragon.) I can kind of fly. I can breathe underwater. My wings don’t help me me fly. They are more for protection. If I’m being attacked, my wings come out, and shroud me. They are impervious, to anything.
I had a nightmare yesterday. I was in a building. And there where people trapped inside. Some, had been there for years…
Most people were just trying to survive. They were scared, and some were very violent. It was tough for a while, then I started using my wings, tail, and even just controlling physics, like Neo, in the Matrix. I woke up, upset. Then I went back in. There were these people I didn’t expect. They were like evil clowns. I decimated them… My wings protected me, from major attacks. And I let my tail do it’s thing. I cleared the building, room, by room. I spared the people who weren’t a threat. I killed every other person. I could have just stayed awake, and let it pass. But I went back in, with a vengeance. I don’t pull back from a nightmare. I fucking own it.

I still have a place, I call Hell Road. I know where it it is. I have a sort of map, or place, in my dreams. Hell Road, is next to a Mall. I’ve been up it, multiple times. I always die. I intend to go up again, next time I see it.
I got my wings , about 5 years ago. My tail, I just got.
I intend to go all the way up.Hell Road, and clean it up, like the building. It won’t be easy. But I’ll conquer it.
I’ve only gotten a mile, or so, so far. There’s a house, with many people trapped there. You kinda have to go there, because of all the fire tornadoes. The next time I see it, I am going up, and will destroy all of the evil. I think I can do it, this time… And save all the people trapped there.

Dreams are crazy. But you can dominate, if you understand that you are in charge….

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@Grimmy If that were a video game, I’d totally play. Sounds cool.

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@MrGrimm888 – I never got any help in the form of wings or a tail/weapon of any kind. I always had to fight the bears with my bare hands. intended pun,right there
When I finally did have a lucid dream about one, it finally stopped.
I had those nightmares for years, too.

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That has me intrigued, so much so I shall try it out.
Will be off up the wooden hill to bedfordshire in the next half hour or so.
Will let you know how it went tomorrow.

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LLL. You don’t need weapons. When you are ready, you can just throw the bear a mile away, or put armor over yourself, or simply destroy the bear.
Lucid dreaming, comes with time. But once you have worked on it, you realize that you control EVERYTHING. A bear, would be a small task for me. My tail could take good care of it, while I hod behind my invincible wings. No problem.

Or. You could hit it with a buzz saw, out of nowhere.
It’s your dream, your rules. If it was my dream, I would simply tear it apart, as it charged me.

I don’t have nightmares. I become the nightmare’s nightmare.

I assume that every human brain, has the same power.
Own the night.

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Well I’m going to meet me a dancing bear who shits tiffany cufflinks…good start?

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^It’s whatever you want it to be.

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Yeah, I totally get it & am not in the least making light of it, quite the opposite actually.

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Go for it bro. Live a second life.

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@MrGrimm888 Owning it is exactly how I would sum it up. I didn’t conjure up any weapons but
would’ve I imagine, if I didn’t clean his clock! LOL
I was aware that I was dreaming. It was strange but it worked out well.
My husband has lucid dreams and seems to have fun with it. His are not nightmares though and mostly involve flying (without the help of an airplane) :)
I wouldn’t mind another lucid dream.

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So you basically are using your imagination in a half dream state, like meditation? No shrooms needed? Lol

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@KNOWITALL – Yep, you’re aware and it won’t get you in trouble!

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I did acid, and shrooms, in my late teens. I attribute the lucid dreaming, to that. ....

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@lucillex3 I get in ‘trouble’ just breathing, seems like.

@Grimmy Yeah, I tried a few things, drugs arent my thang but maybe this. I’ll try.

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This wasn’t something that I did, to get these results. I was a young, dumb, kid. But the lucid dreaming, was a side effect. I am not condoning, use of hallucination drugs.

But, I know it had an effect on me. I have read articles, that hypothesized, that our species advancement, evolved around such drugs.
There is a (what I call,) a “reboot ” part of the experience. It definitely changed my point of view, on a, LOT of my beliefs…

I re-analysed, ALL my world views, during this time. I would argue that I was a different person, after each reboot….

It’s nearly impossible to explain. It has to be experienced…I have not been on acid, since I was 21. But I did delve into ‘shrooms, a couple of times. They open your mind, and thought process, or pollute it.
Mushrooms, are powerful, but only last several hours. Cid, is a different story. You’re talking 20 hours, or so, with mind bending effects. The first 5 hours, or so, are INTENSE. Then, you slowly unwind. But, it’s not a unwind. You start to think about everything, you ever understand. And then your brain recalculates, everything you ever thought about. It brings new logic, and perspective, into all of your beliefs. That’s why I call it a “reboot.”
When you finally wake up, you are a different person, than the one who took the Cid…

I realize, that this sounds crazy. But, I cannot imagine my life, without these changes.

I feel “woke.” And that I was asleep, before these things.

Everything, from my thought patterns, to my physical abilities, were increased. And, my abilities, in dreaming…

Again, I’m not condoning the use of hallucinations. But…. It improved my life…

Take that, as you will….......

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