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How good/bad were/are you at playing hide & seek?

Asked by ucme (50047points) December 9th, 2019
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Which role did/do you prefer?
Have you played recently?

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We all played last evening when I hid in a cupboard.
It has a latch & my wife locked me in, unclear if this was on purpose or not but I was in there over an hour :D

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Not good at it.My husband always knows.
I tell my dog to go get hub and he will so I don’t have to do much except pass out treats.
Use your time wisely and organize it the next time you are in there.

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@lucillelucillelucille Honestly, I think she knew I was in there when she locked me in, she’s crafty that way.
I sat perched on a laundry basket in there, my guess is she heard it creaking & cackled to herself as she imprisoned me.
Took me an age to accept it, my competitive nature convinced me no one knew where I was & this was a world record beating hide time.
I had to knock & take a barrage of brutal mockery lol

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@ucme I’ve been a fan of hers for years! Don’t let your pride stop you from screaming like a little girl. It gets results.

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I couldn’t play now, but I was very good right up through my teens. I was always small until physical disability basically turned me into a sphere. (!!!!!!)
At fourteen or so I hid inside a small storage chest. It was a child sized bench with a seat that was hinged, and inside I kept several of my stuffed animals. I removed most of them, crawled inside, and covered myself with some of the toys. I shut the lid, and waited.
Someone opened the lid, didn’t see me, and left.
The next turn, I hid behind a telephone pole. As the person who was it moved about, I went around the pole. In my lifetime, I was never found in a game of hide and seek, including the time I hid in a barn with Danny behind hay bales stacked near to the rafters.
That experience was instrumental in my moving from childhood to womanhood. Nothing sexual happened, but it stirred thoughts and feelings which previously had been a reality for me only in other people. I was afraid he wouldn’t kiss me, and terrified that he might.

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Nobody could find me.
Once, instead of hiding, I ran down the street to the Dairy Queen and got a cone while everybody else was getting poison ivy

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As a child, I was very good at hiding. I was small enough to squeeze into some well hidden places PLUS I had a ton of patience & could remain quiet even when you were looking straight at me!!!

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Depended on the season. In spring / summer /fall it was easy to find places to hide. We invariably played the game outside.

Winter – in the snow – much harder to find places to hide. Except one year we hollowed out a snowdrift and made it into an igloo. That was cool.

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I was great at it; one of the plusses of being an unusually small kid.

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Really good at it.

And I can trace it back to a trick I learned from my sister one year during an Easter hunt.

She moved the entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica forward enough to hide an egg behind them.

If you shift everything along one line of sight, people rarely give it a second glance.

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